Monday, February 27, 2017

The Ultimate Spring #ROOTD

Hey everyone! It seems that the sun is back and that I will, finally, be able to show you more riding outfits!
A couple days ago I shared on my Insta stories (@equestriantrendblog) a sneak peek of the outfit I am sharing with you today. I believe this is one of the prettiest riding outfits I've ever put together and I got to take some photos with this cuteness that belongs to one of my barn friends - his name is Caspper!

This polo from MIASUKI is really simple but I like it a lot. I don't know why, maybe it's because of the discrete logo or because of the purple stripe on the collar. Or even because of its cut and fabric - there are many things to love in such a simple piece of clothing, it's almost ridiculous. I guess that sometimes the simpler the better. 
Wearing white at the barn can be a challenge but wearing it at shows for years has taught me how to nail a white outfit without getting it ruined... least until Caspper decided that it would be fun to sneeze and leave my perfect white polo full of brown spots!! =D

My breeches from Hervé Godignon are very simple as well but the details both on the front and back pockets are the best thing ever. I just wish their fabric was a little different, when I'm wearing them I somehow feel that they are too thin and that they won't last much but so far they are in great condition. I own another pair of HG breeches and their quality is completely different though. The belt is also from the same brand, I chose a simple brown belt that goes perfectly with the details on the breeches. 

And last but not least, the best socks I have ever tried so far - they are from MIASUKI too. I thought the riding socks I usually wear the most (and that almost everyone wears here) were great but these feature two circles with extra padding in two different parts of the leg:

The weird thing is that those two circles made the difference while I was riding, I wasn't expecting to feel anything different but I felt way more comfortable and this is why I am so in love with them as I have told you on Instagram.

I can't remember the brand of Caspper's headcollar & lead rope but I got them here.

Photos by Carolina Fontes - don't forget do like her page and to follow her on Instagram (@carolinafontesphotography)! =)

Have a nice week!  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Review: Moisturizing Hoof Balm by Horse Remedy

Hey everyone, hope your week has been nice! I was a little busy but somehow managed to ride every single day this week.
On my previous review (here), I told you that I got some products from Horse Remedy that I wanted to try on Gali. The first I tried was Proferm, a natural horse supplement, but today I am going to share my thoughts about their moisturizing hoof balm that is 100% natural as well.

This hoof balm contains Shea butter that works amazingly as a moisturizer. Shea butter comes from the seeds of the Shea - also known as Karite - tree so it is rich in some important vitamins like vitamin A, E and F. This butter is also a source of nutrients and fatty acids that are necessary for collagen production and, therefore, it nourishes and hydrates the horses' hooves.

When I used it for the first time I noticed that the balm is super creamy, I applied it like I would apply a normal hoof balm but the consistency is much nicer. I must also say that the smell is divine and that everyone around me commented it - it's pretty unusual to get compliments on the smell of a hoof balm.
I don't put this every day on Gali's hooves though, I use his regular hoof balm and then use this moisturizer once or twice a week because his hooves aren't really dry or damaged. 
In the photos you can see that he needed a visit from the farrier, which happened a few days later so I use this product more on the week before he gets his mani and pedi done haha. =)

I would recommend this moisturizing hoof balm (it's available here) for horses with very dry and cracked or brittle hooves. It is pretty affordable for its quality so why not giving it a try? Since every horse is different, don't forget to ask your trainer and farrier their opinion!

The photos were taken by my friend Carolina Fontes - please like her Facebook page here and follow her Insta (@carolinafontesphotography)  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Equiline S1 Stirrups by Safe Riding

Hey everyone, hope everything is great with all of you! Today I am showing you the new Equiline stirrups by Safe Riding.

Photo: Equiline
The Italian brand has recently entered the world of stirrups through Lorenzini but it seems that they are ready to, once again, revolutionize the equestrian industry. Equiline is now the distributor of S1 Safe Riding stirrups.

I must be honest though, when I first saw them on Instagram I didn't quite love their design - they seemed really big and just an heavier version of the Freejump stirrups but after watching the video below my opinion changed almost immediately.

The 360º arch opening system is really an incredible evolution and certainly provides us more safety - I've seen and featured here other stirrups with opening systems but none of them would open like these do.

Photo: Equiline
Another thing that I liked was the comfort they seem to provide with the grip and cushioning systems but without a doubt, what caught my attention was the fact that they are customizable: we can get them and change the outside arch as many times as we wish - and nail every single riding outfit with matching stirrup colors. =)

Uma foto publicada por SAFE RIDING Official (@safe_riding) a

I am looking forward to seeing them at tack stores and to see how efficient they are! What about you guys? Do you agree with me? 
Have a nice week!