Monday, September 28, 2015

Make A Statement With One Horse Threads

It was supposed to be a little study break to check my Instagram (@equestriantrendblog) but then I saw some awesome shirts and I had to know where I could find them. I ended up turning my computer on to check One Horse Threads website - and I am so glad I did it!
You know I had to share such awesome clothes with you! Although they are discrete (but super trendy), their equestrian themed shirts allow you to make a statement.

These five could live in my closet, we would be very happy together and this is why I should live in North America!
Now, I will get back to Financial Mathematics...have a nice evening!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Olivier Philippaerts & Equestrian Trend - What A Dream!

Words are totally unnecessary on this post! Thank you so much, Olivier!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Horses & School: It Is Possible!

Hey guys! It is my second day in college - I'm now an Economy student at the University of Oporto - and it's raining a lot (I don´t know how this is possible) so it is the perfect moment to write a new post.
After two months without having my own horse, I am starting to feel that it is the time to get a new one. I will wait a few more time until I have everything organized at my new home and then I will start looking for a new horse, barn & trainer. Until that, I will keep riding at my barn in Coimbra with my trainer.
Today's post is about balancing school and horses because that is not easy! You might have some issues on balancing your time between school and riding so today I will give you some tips:

 1. Get a planner

Horse Agenda

You need to plan your time so that you can do everything you need and as you should. Choose the right agenda, there are so many options these days - you can even get one that has horses on it like the ones in the image above!

2. Get everything done before you go to the barn

In our hearts, horses are always first but we need to think correctly: get everything done before you go to the barn because you will always spend more time there than you think. You'll get home tired and without strength to spend hours studying.

3. Never say you don't need school because you are going to be a professional rider

We can't predict the future so school is very, very, very important! Even if you become a professional rider, trainer, etc., what you learn at school will help you at some point and it can also give you some better opportunities.

4. Make sure you eat & sleep enough

You won't be able to ride if you aren't healthy, take care of yourself :)

I hope these tips help you on your daily life as an equestrian and student! How do you guys balance horses and school? Share your tips with us on the comment box!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

50 Shades of Burgundy

Burgundy is a huge trend for this season, the new collections are full of this color and, personally, it is one of my favorites for the cold season!
Since we are super stylish, many equestrian brands have included burgundy on their collections and I have selected some clothes/horse gear to show you:

 1- Eskadron Fleece Bandages, "Dark Red";
2- Kingsland Holly Fitted Jacket, "Red Fudge";
3- Eskadron Bicolor Fleece Rug, "Dark Red - Black";
4- Eskadron Cotton Saddle Pad, "Dark Red";
5- Equi-Thème Verona Breeches, "Burgundy";
6- Pikeur Knitted Hat, "Rust Red";
7- Equiline Eleonor Breeches;
8- Kingsland Cadence Woolmix Socks, "Navy".

There are many more options but these are the ones that I wouldn't mind having on my closet right now! Stay tuned for more Winter suggestions and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

All You Need Is Some Inspiration

September is an important month, it is the month where everything changes, we get back to work and school starts! I always need a little boost to start this month, specially this year because I am going to college: It's my freshman year! I love getting new notebooks, pens, agendas, etc., it's almost like a september addiction.
I found a Spanish brand called Mr. Wonderful a few months ago. They create very inspirational items that go from notebooks to mugs and last week, when I was in Oporto (made a little trip to my future college - I hope!), I found out that they have some designs that include an unicorn. I was at a store and saw one of their notebooks with an uni and a cute quote so, obviously, I bought one!

My notebook: «Não há nada impossível» means «Nothing is impossible» in Portuguese
After getting back from the store, I went to their website to see if they had more items with the unicorn and they did:

Don't you love these? I hope they create more products with the uni...or maybe they could create a collection dedicated to equestrians! ;)