Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer 2015 - Fixdesign

Every season I go to Fixdesign's website because I am always sure their new items are terrific. This time was not an exception and I fell in love with two items that maybe I will be lucky enough to get.

The silicone print breeches are gorgeous, I will probably get the grey ones! I will also probably get the sweater but maybe later, when the price gets lower!
What do you think about the blue ones? Would you buy them or are they too light? Make sure you visit their online store to see all the different models and colors.
Have a nice Friday guys! I am going to the barn tomorrow!


  1. I love my ADE silicone knee patch breeches & love the look of the pale blue above but agree they might be a bit light coloured and I'd prob destroy them.
    I still list after the bottle green breeches you posted about before - thanks for the reminder actually. Maybe they'll have them on sale as old stock ;-)

    1. Omg those gorgeous bottle green breeches! I hope you find them again...much cheaper ;)