Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Star Stable - Just 4 Horse Loving Gamer Girls

When I was younger, I was always looking for fun games that would keep me around the horseworld when I wasn't at the barn. Nowadays, I'm no longer a teen that spends most of her time playing games but I know that many of you are wonderful young girls that will love this game!
Star Stable is an online horse game with more than 17 levels where players from around the globe explore a magical world on horseback. Every player rides, cares of their own horse, solves quests, participates in competitions, and takes part in the ever-evolving Star Stable storyline with new features, plots and twists added each week.  This game offers a safe online experience for players that love horses, mysteries, adventure and making new friends all over the world. 

Players begin their Star Stable adventure by creating their own rider and designing their own horses, here is my rider and my horse:

After you reach Level 5, you have to become a paying member to proceed in the game. A paying player is called a Star Rider and has access to everything.

I've been playing star stable for about a week - yes, yes, yes, I'm 17 but I enjoy this kind of games! - so I will share with you what makes Star Stable special:

- The game has its own currency, Jorvik Shillings (JS). Each Saturday, the riders receive 100 Star Coins so that users develop a sense of financial responsibility - we need to save for new gear and horses, just like in real life! We can also sell our horses or equipment and play daily quests for JS. 
- At Star Stable we create our own riding clubs and invite our friens to join us, we even have a private chat channel. In this club, we each friend has a role and we plan trail rides, special parades or even an awesome picnic!

- It wouldn't be a real horse game if it didn't have competitions so you will need  them to increase your horse's experience, earn JS or even gain reputation. The championships, competitions that are longer than races, take place in different locations, several times a day, and all players can enter them.
- Throughout the adventure, we encounter people need our help. By helping them we are improving our reputation and earning money to spend in the game.
- To promote socialization, Star Stable hosts weekly events where players hangout. The events include a Friday Disco - where sometimes you will find some celebrities - fashion shows, quests, giveaways, treasure hunts and more.
- We can even get tips from Tobbe Larsson at Steve’s Farm in Silverglade Village and visit Reed Kessler in the Riding Hall Arena below the Silverglade Winery, how exciting is this?!

Reed Kessler
There are some places you can't miss:
  • Jorvik City Plaza: The newest addition to Star Stable, a brand new mall which includes megastores selling clothes, gear and accessories for your player, a new cafĂ©, a general store, and a stage that hosts awesome events like concerts and fashion shows!
  • Ferdinand’s Horse Market: Locate Ferdinand and Eddie, who run a traveling horse market located in Jarlaheim. Here riders can purchase gear and clothing.
  • Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur: Explore this new land which features 200 quests, including building and flying a hot air balloon, building a veterinary practice, designing a race track, and helping businessmen Trond and Folke. Meet tons of other new characters like the Kalters – mountain people who haven’t had contact with other people for over a hundred years!
  •  Jorvik Stables Arena: Visit one of Jorvik’s most famous stables, commonly referred to as the Royal Stables to help feed pigs and horses, milk cows, and participate in a fun race where you can compete for Jorvik Shillings.

With more than 5 million players around the world, Star Stable is a very famous but safe game and the US is its largest audience. Plus, the game is played in 180 countries and is available is 11 languages.
If you are a fan, make sure you follow all their social channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Also make sure you visit their website!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kingsland Equestrian Season Update Faves!

Once again Kingsland has launched an incredible season update, they totally saved the best of the Summer 2015 collection for this update!
My favorite items are the new breeches since some of them have new and never before seen features as well as some bold colors! But...there is a lot more to see and to love in this collection, take a look at my favorites:

Okay, everybody knows polos are equestrians best friends! For us, Summer means polos, polos and more polos! I don't know what I feel about the standing collar but the details are great! Plus, the polo is made of a quick dry material, excellent!

My favorite item from the entire collection! I love, love, love navy breeches and these with the crystal buttons and KL piping on the back...ahhh...I need, NEED, to get one pair!

The second item on my wish-list, this scarves scream summer! The contrast silk ribbons and the Kingsland logo print make them special!

Another of my top favorite items from the collection update, I already have a show backpack but I love the color of this one! Although it seems smaller than mine, which is great, I don't really think it has less storage and compartments. I'm really curious to see the details of this backpack!

Socks, who doesn't need socks, right?! The best socks I own are from Kingsland, the Classic Show Socks - they are very simple but comfortable, specially in the summer. These may be as great but prettier!

Innovation, innovation, innovation! 4-way stretch fabric with double layer special texture, dust and water repellent fabric. Let's talk about those pockets and the contrast belt loops, it's all about the details!

The same fabric features as the previous breeches. The thing I love the most about this pair is the color, can we talk about this gorgeous «Blue Della Robbia»?!

And that's it for today! What do you guys think about the collection? Are you as excited as I am? Share your favorites with me!
Before finishing the post, I would like to say something very important...Last Saturday I lost two amazing friends, I would like to thank them for everything and to say again how much I like them! R.I.P. F&D