Friday, April 3, 2015

Euro-Star Spring/Summer 2015

It's finally friday but I am sick so tomorrow I won't be able to ride. I hope my mom drives me to the barn though, I don't see my girl since March 21st, how is this even possible?!
Well, since I'm stuck at home, I am spending my time searching for all the new collections - I haven't seen any Spring/Summer collection that is to die for, am I crazy?! My opinion is that Euro-Star has one of the best collections of the season, always classy, always preppy but always modern.
Here are my favorite options:

They always create a pair of unusual breeches - the Laura Infinity Breeches - and most of the times I like them but this time I don't think I could ever wear them:

I want to know, who loves the breeches and who's going to get them? It would be awesome to see you wearing them!
Now, what's your opinion on the rest of the collection? Which are you favorite items and colors? I would totally get everything from my list but I also think they should create more items for the horses.
Have a nice weekend! :)

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  1. The last breeches look funky but I would never wear them. So hard to match! they do have camouflage ones which look cool :)