Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Silky Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner & Leave Me Be Equine Body Spray By EcoLicious Equestrian

Today I'm finally reviewing two of my favorite equine products ever by one of the most incredible Canadian equestrian companies. I am talking about EcoLicious Equestrian and their amazing Silky Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner and the Leave Me Be Equine Body Spray.

I bought these two products about a year ago and I have nothing but great things to write about them! Right now, I am almost finishing the conditioner and I believe I still have enough fly spray for this Summer therefore I am completely ready to write a great review!

The first product I used was the Silky conditioner so it is going to be the first product I am going to talk about.

When the weather allows, I always give Tainha - my babygirl - a great bath and, to finish, I use the EcoLicious Silky Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner for Coat, Mane, & Tail to give her an extra shine. I always put some conditioner on my sponge and work it through her body. For the mane and tail I use my hands. After this, I leave it in for about 3-5 minutes and then I rinse with clean water, making sure there is no more conditioner on her body.

I love the results, Tainha gets complimented everytime I use the conditioner, it leaves her coat super silky - oh well, could it have a more accurate name?! - and shiny, shiny, shiny! Her mane and tail get so soft and the's so pretty! Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the smell, OMG, the scent of Sweet Orange is literally the best thing ever!

Shiny Tainha after her bath.
One 472 ml bottle costs $27.95, it might be a little more than the normal price for a conditioner but the results are so much better. I will keep buying this product for sure!

Still a bit wet but look at her coat.
Now, the Leave Me Be Equine Body Spray. The first and most important thing I will tell about this fly spray is that it is all natural, it doesn't have a single chemical in its formula - so now you tell me, what could be better than this?! I don't want to use those crazy fly sprays on my girl!

Here's how I use it: 1. I shake the bottle well. 2. I spray directly onto her coat. 3. I always avoid her eyes, nose and mouth so I damp a soft cloth with the spray and then I wipe Tainha's head.

Once again, the results - and the smell!- are wonderful, bye little bugs! Plus, this fly spray contains a Sunflower Seed Extract that is a natural sunscreen so it protects her coat from UV rays.

The price of a 946 ml bottle is $29.95 but I would pay even more to get this all natural fly spray, my horse's health is the most important thing. When I told my mom I had found a fly spray with no chemicals she went crazy - she hates those horrible smelling and toxic fly sprays!

Shiny & no bugs!
EcoLicious Equestrian was really nice and also sent me a sample of their De-Stress Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment and one of their cute bamboo headbands that I will talk about later.
As I live in Europe, the shipping was a little more expensive but EcoLicious was very helpful and they made sure they had the best shipping option for me! If you don't live in NA and are interested in getting some EcoLicious products, make sure you contact them! It took a bit longer than I expected to get my order because of the customs but at the end it was everything ok! Can't wait to make another order and can't also wait to see this amazing products on the European tack stores!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Euro-Star Spring/Summer 2015

It's finally friday but I am sick so tomorrow I won't be able to ride. I hope my mom drives me to the barn though, I don't see my girl since March 21st, how is this even possible?!
Well, since I'm stuck at home, I am spending my time searching for all the new collections - I haven't seen any Spring/Summer collection that is to die for, am I crazy?! My opinion is that Euro-Star has one of the best collections of the season, always classy, always preppy but always modern.
Here are my favorite options:

They always create a pair of unusual breeches - the Laura Infinity Breeches - and most of the times I like them but this time I don't think I could ever wear them:

I want to know, who loves the breeches and who's going to get them? It would be awesome to see you wearing them!
Now, what's your opinion on the rest of the collection? Which are you favorite items and colors? I would totally get everything from my list but I also think they should create more items for the horses.
Have a nice weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring ROOTD Featuring Equestrianista Fancy Sport Shirt

So excited to be breaking out my spring wardrobe! I am crazy about the teal color of my new - well, I got it a few time ago but it was too cold to wear it - Fancy Sport Shirt by Equestrianista. To be honest, I love any kind of teal or mint, look at Equestrian Trend's logo! My favorite part of this season is being able to pair light colors - beige breeches - with a stronger and vibrant color - the shirt  - and use navy or a darker color as an accent color - the vest.

Like many of you, I am a big fan of this kind of sport shirts. Nowadays, almost every equestrian brand has a version of these shirts and I am very happy that Equestrianista has decided to create a different and more fashionable version of it.

Here is Smarty, the dog I rescued a few months ago.
The ruche on the shoulders turns it into a very feminine shirt - it also has a ruche detail at the neck but you can't see it the way I wear the shirt. Like many of the pieces from this brand, the logo totally makes the difference - it wouldn't be the same without the Equestrianista detail on the right sleeve! The quality of the zipper is amazing but it could be a little shorter! Only one thing would make this shirt even more perfect: I would love to see it without those seams above my waistline.

I am sure this Fancy shirt is going to be one of my very best friends on the summer. Yes, I do know this is a long sleeve shirt but it features a moisture wicking, anti-odor/anti static and UV protection fabric that will keep me fresh! Could I ask better?!

Shirt: Equestrianista Apparel (Fancy Sport Shirt, Teal)
Breeches: Kingsland Equestrian (Kelly, Beige)
Vest: Equit'm (Quilted Waistcoat)
Belt: Old
Boots: Pioneer Italy (No longer available)