Thursday, October 30, 2014

Veredus TR Pro & TRC Vento

Veredus, one of the best equestrian companies in the world, is very well known for its horse boots: Many of the top riders wear Veredus boots on their horses because of their high quality combined with eye catching shapes and colors. 
The Carbon Gel and Carbon Gel Vento are their most well known horse boots but they are what I call "horse show boots" since they are not what I would wear on my everyday work! Apparently, Veredus agrees with me and that is why they have created the TR Pro and the TRC Vento boots - two different training boots with similarities to the Carbon Gel and the Carbon Gel Vento boots but more practical - and less fancy - than those.

These new boots, available in brown and black, seem to be great and the choice of many riders - I wouldn't mind having them, of course, however, in my opinion, Veredus will always be «the brand of the Carbon Gel boots»! Do you agree? What is your opinion on these latest Veredus products?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn Riding Outfit Featuring Equestrianista Apparel

Sunny Autumn mornings are one of the things that I most enjoy about this season. Every Saturday I go to the barn where I spend my mornings riding and taking care of my horse and I hate when it is raining/really cold or so hot that I can't even breath, therefore this is the perfect weather for me. Plus, I get to wear warmer clothes for the first time as I did yesterday with my new Quarter Zip Sweater from Equestrianista. I paired it with my Lexhis breeches and my Pionner Italy boots. The halter T. is wearing is from a tack shop in Oporto called Horsefire.

«This half zip mock is not only trendy and polished, but it will have you wanting to live in its silky softness. Equestrian chic details like the cable stitch along the arms, the metallic Equestrianista logo parch at center back and left chest and the luscious color choices make this the must-have Equestrian sweater of the season!»

The sweater is super versatile - you can wear it whenever and wherever you want - and its comfort/fit are great, I wouldn't even talk about the sweater here if I didn't like it! I chose Sangria but there are two more colours, Cobalt and Gray, that are gorgeous as well.

I hope you like all the pics, I love sharing the things I like with you and taking the photos with my girl was awesome - by the way, doesn't she look amazing?!
Have a nice week! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Equestrian Vacation - A Morning At Divoza Horseworld Of Zoetermeer

The last equestrian place I visited on my vacation was one of the best European tack shops: Divoza Horseworld of Zoetermeer. It was my first time visiting a store like this one so I had to see all the details, all the great deals and the collections. I spent more than 3 hours at the store and I feel I didn't see everything!
They were having a huge sale, specially on Kingsland clothes but, unfortunately, they didn't have my size on most of the items!
Here are some photos of the things I bought:

This saddle pad by Eskadron was on sale, it was cheap comparing to their regular prices. I have been using it for a while and its quality is great - I am a fan of Eskadron!


Yes, I bought a sweat scraper in The Netherlands - hahaha! Well...I needed one...! :)

The best stable bandages ever! They were cheaper than my previous bandages and their quality is way better, so glad I found them - the real must have!

Soft lungeing lead by Pagony, I also like the colours and it is big enough.

Among all the awesome Kingsland clothes that were on sale, this sweater was the only that fit me. I wore it for the first time two weeks ago, it is great for Fall: It is warm but not too warm, therefore, I can ride in it!

I bought some more items but they were gifts for my friends so I didn't take any pictures!
Divoza has 5 Megastores and a huge online store that you can visit here.
You can see the other equestrian places that I visited on my vacation here and here. And that's it...this Summer was the best Summer ever, I hope I can visit these places again really soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Euro-star Fall/Winter 14-15 Collection

Since euro-star was created in 1959, they have been creating top quality clothing for the type of rider who doesn't think of "riding clothes" as a boring uniform. In my opinion, this is the brand that most represents the haute couture in the horse world - only some riders can wear euro-star in style because many of their clothes need to be worn by someone who has a strong personality!
Today, I took a look at their new catalog to choose my favourites but I had a hard time trying to choose them, therefore, I decided to select all the looks that I consider truly outstanding:

My favourite look is the first one, it is so different but classic at the same time! I will keep telling you this: I would love to have a closet full of riding clothes!
All the products from the euro-star Fall/Winter collection are available at their online store, right here.
Which look do you prefer? :)

Friday, October 3, 2014


Last Tuesday, I found the most useful thing ever to showjumpers who need to jump and who doesn't have any help! I am talking about Swiss-Up and I could write many things to describe it but the best way to make you understand my excitement is by showing you the following video:

This is so cool, with Swiss-Up you and your horse can jump from 30 cm to 160 cm just by pressing some buttons! You can see their website here. What do you guys think about this?

Have a nice weekend! :)