Thursday, August 28, 2014

Winners Of The My Barn Child, Ogilvy Equestrian & Noble Outfitters Giveaways!

Today I am going to announce the three winners of the My Barn Child, Ogilvy and Noble Outfitters giveaways! You can see who are the winners of the Equestrianista Apparel and Personally Preppy giveaways here.
Thanks everybody for your participation!

Let's announce the lucky winners:

The person who won a pair of White Gold Pearls earrings and a Infinity Pearl charm is Caroline Stryker. Congrats! :)
You must email your shipping address to until September 2nd.

The winner of the Ogilvy Profile Pad is Alzira Paz! Congrats! :) 
You must email your shipping address to until September 2nd.

And the winner of our last giveaway is...Jessica Eapen! Congrats! :)
You must email your shipping address to until September 2nd.

I hope you liked these giveaways! It was so cool to read all your comments, I wish I could do this more often. Thank you guys!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Winners Of The Equestrianista Apparel & Personally Preppy Giveaways!

It is time to start announcing the winners of our first two giveaways but first I want to thank everybody for joining the Equestrianista Apparel and the Personally Preppy giveaways!

The winner of the Equestrianista Apparel necklace giveaway is Dorothy Paxton. Congrats Dorothy! :) 
You have until August 30th to email your shipping address to If you don't email me, I will choose another winner.

As you know, the Personally Preppy giveaway has two winners and they are...Caroline Nickolaus and Lillian Close. Congrats girls! :)
You also have until August 30th to email your shipping addresses to If you don't email me, I will choose other winners.

If you didn't win this time, don't worry! You can still be a winner because there are 3 more giveaways that haven't finished yet:

Equestrian Vacation - A Day At The LGCT Of Valkenswaard

Before all the birthday giveaways, I started describing you my equestrian vacation. The first place I visited was the CHIO Aachen in Germany (you can read the post here) and then I went to Valkenswaard where I spent an amazing day at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Valkenswaard.

Me and my dad travelled from Aachen to Eindhoven by train and we arrived at 10am. Surprisingly, the hotel where I stayed was the same that many of the riders chose - including Jessica Springsteen - so it was very funny to see everybody around me wearing show clothes, I felt I was at home!

Then, we used the LGCT shuttle to go to Valkenswaard and, when we arrived, I felt I was in Paradise, Stal Tops is beautiful and this leg of the LGCT is huge. In Valkenswaard we can see all the arenas (including the warm up ones), there are wonderful places to eat, gorgeous items to buy and we can also see the amazing stables! I only knew the Portuguese leg of this tour and I wasn't expecting to have such a different experience in The Netherlands! I have never had so many famous riders right by my side, I felt I was a little girl again!

But the best way to show you my fabulous experience is by showing you some photos:

After the GP, I bought a LGCT polo by Fixdesign that I will show you later. I can tell you it is very comfortable and pretty, I love it!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Equestrianista in Southern Portugal

When I saw my Equestrianista Apparel Maxi Dress for the first time I thought it would be great to wear on my vacation to Southern Portugal and yesterday was the perfect day to try it!
I decided to take some photos wearing it because it fits very well and I love the glitter logo.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos! Although I love the barn, it is great to take some equestrian photos on the beach! :)

Also, don't forget to join my birthday giveaways, you still have plenty of time to do it and I can tell you the prizes are amazing! Here are the links:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway - Noble Outfitters Heartbreaker Tank

Noble Outfitters was very important throughout this year, they are a company that I can always trust and they never let me down. I love their concept and their practical style.

Today, on our last day of giveaways, Equestrian Trend and Noble Outfitters are giving away the Heartbreaker tank! I also have one so the winner and I are going to be #nobletwins.

The winner must email his shipping address to

Good luck! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway - Ogilvy Equestrian Profile Pad

Ogilvy is another company that I knew this year, I also found them through Instagram and, after reading some reviews, I decided that I wanted one of their memory foam half pads. I also became one of their social media ambassadors and this company is one of the biggest supporters of Equestrian Trend!

Example of Ogilvy Profile Pads.
It was a year full of Ogilvy so, obviously, I needed an Ogilvy giveaway! Today, Equestrian Trend and Ogilvy are giving away an Ogilvy Profile Pad. I really want one for me but now it is time to give you one!

Ogilvy covers the shipping in North America but if you live in another continent and you want to participate, you will have to pay the shipping if you win. 
If you aren't from North America and you win but you don't want to pay the shipping anymore, I will choose another winner.
The winner must email his shipping address to 

Happy Birthday, Equestrian Trend!

Before publishing today's giveaway, I need to wish Equestrian Trend a happy birthday. On August 19th 2013, I was writing my first blog post and now it has already been one year! How did this happen?! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and see my little baby blog growing up is amazing!

One year after beginning this project, Equestrian Trend has: 
- Almost 24 000 views;
- More than 2 000 Instagram followers;
- More than 900 Facebook followers;
- More than 500 Twitter followers.

Equestrian Trend is read in all the continents and, when I started the blog, I couldn't imagine that people from so many different countries would read me!

I want to thank you all one more time because Equestrian Trend wouldn't be possible without you!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway - My Barn Child Earrings & Charm

My Barn Child was the first North American company sending me products to review. When I read their first e-mail I couldn't believe that Equestrian Trend was known in North America!
Today, Averill and her business have become part of my days, I love seeing their new products and reading everything Averill writes, she is awesome! I also have many of their products, if you buy one, then you can't stop because you know everything is gorgeous and will make you look stunning!
Thank you My Barn Child for being one of the biggest supporters of Equestrian Trend, I owe you many of my readers!

To celebrate My Barn Child and Equestrian Trend are giving away two MBC products: The lucky winner will get one Infinity Pearl Charm and one pair of White Gold Pearl earrings!

The winner must email his shipping address to

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway - Personally Preppy Packages

I knew Personally Preppy this year through Instagram. They are a successful monogram company and they are equestrians so Personally Preppy dedicates some of their creations to the equestrian world.
When I saw their helmet monograms, I couldn't believe how great they looked, it seemed like the helmet was made with the monogram!
A few months ago, I had the opportunity of reviewing my helmet monogram and, since that moment, everybody who searches about equestrian monograms finds Equestrian Trend! Also, my posts about Personally Preppy have the best stats I have ever had since I started the blog. Thank you so much Personally Preppy for all your love and interest!

As I know you also love this wonderful company, we have two PP fun packages full of Personally Preppy products to give away! Yes, this time we will have two winners!

The winners must email their shipping address to

Good luck! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anniversary Giveaway - Equestrianista Apparel Necklace

Equestrianista Apparel has always been one of my favourite companies, I absolutely love their products and their quality is something that I have never seen before. I can tell you their products are made with love and, of course, Julie, the owner/designer is wonderful. Even their customer service is great!
On this first year, I had the incredible opportunity of reviewing some of their products and they were the first company wanting an ad on the sidebar of Equestrian Trend. Thank you so much for supporting Equestrian Trend!

Now, the giveaway! Equestrianista Apparel and Equestrian Trend have one gorgeous necklace that we want to give to one of you!
To enter this giveaway follow the steps that rafflecopter (bellow) tells you.

Everybody can enter the giveaway and after I announce the winner, he must email his shipping address to

Friday, August 15, 2014

Celebrating The First Anniversary of Equestrian Trend!

On the next five days we are going to celebrate the first anniversary of Equestrian Trend (August 19) - yes, it has almost been one year since I wrote the first post of this blog!

I have always loved fashion: like many girls, I love fashion magazines, fashion shows and, of course, I love shopping. When I was younger I only care about this kind of fashion but later I started riding and everything changed, jeans became breeches, t-shirts became polos and trainers became riding boots. My love for fashion changed because I started looking for all the equestrian collections, observing the way they create clothing and all the other products and this something that made me really happy. I knew I wanted to share all the clothes, the trends and the new products, I knew I wanted a blog but it took me a while to start it. I didn't know what I would write, I didn't know if I could keep a blog like this and, most of all, I didn't know if you would love to read me. 
Although I love my language, I knew I would have to write in English so that everybody could understand me and that wasn't really a problem because I have always loved English but it surely took me a while before I started writing this much!

After the first months, Equestrian Trend started growing a lot so I knew I was doing it right. I started getting more and more followers, companies started wanting me to write about them, the number of visits increased each day and I knew this was only the beggining. Then everybody started creating blogs about equestrian fashion and some of them even copied some of my posts. I started getting worried, would everybody think that Equestrian Trend was just another blog?! Today I know you guys don't think that because you support me and give me lots of love!

There is another thing that is very important to me: My readers are from all over the world, I have readers from countries that I didn't think I would ever have and that is amazing! Thank you so much!

As I want to thank you for all your love, on the next 5 days I will give away products from some of the companies that were very special on this first year, they trusted me to share their business and that means a lot. There are some companies who also trusted me that won't be featured on this giveaway - a huge thank you for all of you too!

The giveaway starts tomorrow, I will give you the details on each giveaway post. I am sure you will love everything and make sure you don't forget to enter all the five giveaways! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Equestrianista Pillows

Sometimes finding things to give my bedroom a modern equestrian style is hard. I  have my trophies, some posters, some pictures, books and many stuffed horses but I miss a pillow!
I have never found a stylish equestrian pillow but now Equestrianista makes them and they are beautiful!

See, I told you they are beautiful! My favorite is the chevron one though, you know I am a bling kind of girl! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Equestrian Vacantion - A Day In Aachen

This Summer me and my dad went to Central Europe and we visited some equestrian places that I want to share with you! I think I have some tips that can be useful if you are planning to go to one of the places that I am going to talk about.
The first equestrian place I visited was Aachen, in Germany, where I visited the facilities of the CHIO Aachen.

My hotel was in the center of Aachen so I needed to catch a bus. Unfortunately, one of the bus drivers wasn't very helpful and that made us catch the wrong bus and go to a place where we had to walk 2 Km to get to the CHIO Aachen facilities. Although we had this little issue, my dad talked to an amazing German man who wanted to drive us to the main entrance - he was so kind, I wasn't expecting to find someone like him, I am very grateful! If you don't want to have this problems, here is a tip: catch the bus number 51 and go to Sportpark Soers - the CHIO Aachen bus stop.

The first thing I saw was a huge countdown clock showing how many days we have until the next CHIO and then I started to see the amazing entrance, the CHIO building, the horses statue, the grass, the stables, the Walk of Fame...and everything looks so perfect, so beautiful...You can feel the Aachen spirit that you see on the TV.

After this, we went to the CHIO secretary in the main building and they told us they do guided tours to show us some of the things they have there (the main building is kind of a museum, I think) but since it was almost 4 pm they couldn't do it because they were about to go home - such a pity! 
Although I couldn't visit the main building, I could visit all the arenas, the stables, the countertops and this opportunity was one of the best I have ever had!

The first thing I visited was the Jumping Arena. It is magic and huge! I had a big surprise though: where was all the grass?! I don't know if they take all the grass off every year but they where also replacing the chairs so maybe they were just replacing some things!

After the Jumping Arena, we went to the Dressage Arena. It's smaller than the Jumping Arena but it's still incredible.

They also have an indoor arena:

And now...the most incredible show stables I have ever seen, they are beautiful but I have to say that my mare's stall is bigger than these! :)

I hope you like this post, I loved writing it and I can't wait to write the next post where I am going to talk about my trip to the Global Champions Tour of Valkenswaard!