Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Euro-star Spring/Summer 14

Here is another colorful collection for the Summer, this time from Eurostar! They have used some strong colors and have created breeches with very different patterns! I like some of those creative breeches but the big question is: Would any of them look good on me?!
Eurostar has also invested on technology: their breeches have the new grip trend and they have created the ESX line which features breathable and water-resistant outerwear to protect us from the elements in style.
You can see the entire collection here.

One of the famous breeches, I really like to see them on the model but I don't know if I would like to see myself wearing them! Do you think they would look good with riding boots?

I love all the clothes and horse gear but the colorful breeches wouldn't work for me...I think I would love to see them on some girls though!

Can someone give me all their polos, please? Cute colors, super cute colors!

The ESX collection, keep it simple!

Loving everything! Specially the pink show shirt, it's so pretty!

Classy and stylish!

Another pair of breeches that catches my eye, yes or no?

I don't think the pattern gives us the equestrian look...It's a no from me!

The breeches! So many colors available! 

I can't stop thinking about those first breeches! I am also still thinking about the pink competition shirt and all the polos! Great collection!
What do you think?


  1. Of the pattern breeches the first (blue?) ones are the most likeable IMO - but that doesn't mean I can see myself wearing them ;-)
    I do wish I was brave enough (and had enough cash) to splurge on them though as they do look cool; but the camo & pink pattern breeches are a no thank you from me too.

  2. I like the shirts, they remind me a lot of the Le Fash NY shirts! But I don't think they have the same stretchy bamboo which is my favorite part!

  3. Love Blue!! Those breeches are so beautiful and are very eye pleasing. Hope the summer passes with perfect riding.