Friday, December 26, 2014

All-Around Jacket & Xtremesoft Boot Socks - Review

Winter means cold, rain and dark days...I don't particularly like this season and sometimes that influences my outfits, especially the riding ones: I choose darker colors such as black, brown and navy. However, bright colors always give us an extra shine so when I saw this Blue Ribbon (what a cute name!) All-Around Jacket by Noble Outfitters, I knew we would be great friends! Plus, my outfit wouldn't be complete without my new Xtremesoft Boot socks also by Noble Outfitters!

Starting by the jacket, it was a huge surprise because it is a thin jacket that I never thought that would be as warm as it is! I am writing this review and I still can't understand how can it be so warm, so cozy, sooo good! Also, the jacket features a waterproof and wind resistant stretch material for a great fit. 

Speaking of a great fit, the All-Around jacket features princess seam side panels and a dropped back hem as you can see on the pictures. I just wish it was a little smaller, I am a size 2 so I should have chosen the XS instead of S.

I also love the reflective logo details, never forget: details make the difference!

Here is the bottom line: I highly recommend the All-Around jacket! If you are looking for a warm but not crazy big jacket, this one is the solution!

Let's talk about my new Xtremesoft boot socks now! This is my very first pair of crew riding socks, can you believe? I have chosen the right ones though, these socks have so many innovation that if someone had told me they were as complex as they are, I would just have laughed!

If you spend many hours per day at the barn you need these socks! Why? because they are the most comfortable thing ever, the Ankle Shield padding prevents the horrible blisters (boot pinch points are terrible!) and the extra cushioned foot bed is the most perfect thing ever. The socks scream comfort!
The mesh panels are great for the ventilation and, since the panels are thin, you can wear them at the barn or under your jeans!
I love them, Noble Outfitters just needs to create them in more colors!!

That's it for today guys, I hope this review was helpful! I have some more reviews from Noble Outfitters planned! Meanwhile, here are the links to the All-Around jacket and Xtremesoft Boot socks!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas From Equestrian Trend!

Hey everybody!
I have been so busy in the last couple of weeks that I didn't post much on this Christmas break but I promise that from now on I will dedicate more time to the blog!
So, that's right, it's already Christmas eve, one of my favorite nights of the year where the whole family meets and shares the old family stories!
I wish you all a merry Christmas among those you love the most - including your horses!

P.S.: I hope you receive many, many, many presents for both you and your horses! :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet by Marley Lilly

Hey, equestrian girls!
Today I am here to talk about Marley Lilly, the company that every equestrian girl should know! Why? Because they are the ultimate monogram company - ML sells almost everything you can imagine with your monogram on it - and everybody knows that we equestrians need lots of monograms.

Monogrammed items are so unique, personal and preppy...they are special because they identify you and make you stand out. Plus, horse riding is about looking polished but always in style so monograms will make the difference!

The first (of many, I hope!) item I got from Marley Lilly was this gorgeous gold bracelet that has my monogram engraved on a 7 inch pendant and a tan colored tassel. 

As you may know from my last post, the Winter season has started for me and my first show went pretty well, I was wearing my new Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet so from now on it will be my lucky bracelet!

Here is one of my show outfits, the bracelet totally completes it! Don't you agree?

The MonogrammedTassel Bracelet by Marley Lilly comes in silver and gold and there are four different monogram styles. You can even choose one color out of more than 15 for your tassel.
This bracelet is the cutest Christmas present for equestrians!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Show Essentials 2014

The indoor show season has officially started for me last weekend! I always like to observe what are the choices of the other riders regarding clothes and horse gear and after last weekend I have selected some items that I consider essential for this really cold season. Plus, some of the items that I chose are awesome Christmas ideas!

Warm Jacket

I believe every rider needs a warm jacket, you may not need it while you are warming up but it is great to wear before and after riding.

Snoopy Jacket by Spooks

Deliah by Cavallo

Regina Ladies Padded Jacket by Kingsland

Jodie Jacket by euro-star

Jabea Jacket by Pikeur

Maja Jacket by Equiline

Cozy Vests

Great to wear on the warm up arenas, if your show jacket doesn't keep you warm enough, here is the best solution!

Classic Down Vest by Kingsland

Meg Vest by Eurostar

Francis Vest by Spooks

Fenn Vest by Kingsland

Fleece/Show Rug

These rugs are the best thing ever, I love them. If your horse is clipped, you need to get one! Personally, I like to match them with my saddle pads but classic colors look great with almost every saddle pad.
Lately I have been thinking that a simple navy or brown rug with my monogram stamped would look gorgeous, I might have to try this!
Here are some ideas:

Luca Fleece Rug by Equiline

Classic Sports Bicolor Fleece Rug by Eskadron

Classic Show Rug by Kingsland

Dexter Fleece Show Rug by Kingsland

Dog Rugs

Now that I have a new buddy, I have been paying more attention to the dog rugs. Our puppies deserve some fancy clothes to wear at the shows! This season many equestrian companies have created the most high fashion rugs, take a look at some of my favorites:

Dixson Dog Rug by Kingsland

Ripstop Dog Rug by Eskadron

Stripe Polar Fleece Rug by Equi-Thème

Squeaky Green & Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo

I hate when we are at the shows and it is really cold but we need to shower our horses! With this waterless shampoo by EcoLicious all the problems are solved, it is a must have - not only for the shows but for the entire season!

Now it is time for you to share with me what are your top choices for the Winter show season, all the suggestions are great! Have a nice week guys!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eskadron Nici Collection 2014

Eskadron creates so many collections each year, the must have the most creative designers on Earth because they are always super original!
Their latest collection is the Nici 2014 Collection which is more directed to children but I always end up loving many products from the Nici collections - they are so adorable!!!
Check out some items from the collection:

These are just a small example of the collection but you will find everything right here. Aren't these great Christmas suggestions?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fixdesign Breeches - New colours!

After last week's post about Fixdesign Winter collection where I said how much I wanted them to create new breeches, today I was checking my email when I saw their newsletter that had an image of their new breeches with winter colours. This means that I probably will get some new breeches soon because Fixdesign breeches are the most comfortable/gorgeous breeches I have ever had and their price is great while compared to the other good quality breeches - I am a little sad that their price is higher now than it used to be!

The new colours are Caffe (Coffee) and Verde Scuro (Dark Green). I would love to get both since you can never have too many breeches and I love these new colours but maybe I will have to choose just one pair - this is another problem though...which one am I going to choose? Decisions, decisions, being a girl is hard! Well...could you help me? Which is your favourite colour?
You can find the breeches here.
Have a nice week! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fixdesign Fall/Winter Favourites

I have already written about Fixdesign many times because some of their clothes are absolutely gorgeous and their quality is flawless - this brand is totally on my top 5!
Their Fall/Winter collection was launched last week, on November 6th, and I have selected my favourites. I was hoping that they had some cute breeches on the collection but until now they don't have any new pair on the online shop...


The coolest shirts from this collection. I would love to have all of them, they look really preppy!


More classic than this is impossible. Plus, everybody needs a V neck shirt to wear with show shirts!


The back of this jacket says «Horses Dresses Dreams» which basically sums up my personality right now! The jacket is great for the cold season, it remembers me of my Winter after-school rides!

There are some more items on Fixdesign's Winter collection, you can check the entire collection here. I hope they add some more items to the collection though - including breeches, please!! Let me know which are your top picks from the collection!
Have a nice week!