Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Barn Child

Last week, I received two perfect charms from My Barn Child!
This brand is very well known among all the girls because their products are very cute and they have lots of sparkle. All of them are the key to make you stand out from everybody!
My Barn Child has fabulous charms, earrings, earphones dustcaps and pet collar charms.


My Barn Child charms are multi-purpose because they can be used to adorn your braid, bridle or boot and all of them come with a lobster clasp.
All the charms are truly beautiful but my favorites are the ones with messages, they make me feel inspired!


The earrings from My Barn Child are a must-have! The best part is that you can match with your horse: he can use a charm on the bridle and you can use the matching earrings - so cute!


The pony dustcaps really make me smile, they are so girly and they let everybody know you love horses!
There are crown dustcaps too...every princess needs a crown, right?!

SBARKLE by My Barn Child:

With the pet charms from My Barn Child your pet will be the most trendy pet in the world!
Unfortunately, my dog and cat are crazy so they can't wear these cute charms, they would eat them...

I put one of my charms in my mare's bridle and then I tried in her halter but she is a very scared horse so I couldn't keep it there. After that, I decided to put it in my boots' bag and the other in one boot, it looks great! Here is the outcome:

Thank you very much My Barn Child!

My Barn Child Online Shop: http://www.mybarnchild.com/
My Barn Child on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyBarnChild
My Barn Child on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyBarnChild
My Barn Child on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mybarnchild

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the delay!
I want to thank you all for making Equestrian Trend possible, your support is crucial! I am blessed to have you as my readers.
When I started this blog, last August, I was not expecting it to grow so fast as it grew. At this moment we are over 1000 on the social networks and some famous brands in the equestrian world mentioned Equestrian Trend. I love the close interaction that the social networks allow!
These months sharing the equestrian lifestyle with you were amazing and I am extremely excited to see what 2014 brings to the blog.
It is with extreme gratitude that I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with family, love, peace, hapiness and, of course, lots of horses! May the New Year allow you to achieve all your dreams with a great spirit and health!

Monday, December 23, 2013

MagicBrush Giveaway - The Winners!

Hosting this first giveaway was amazing, I loved it and I had so much fun! You are the best readers in the world!
Are you excited to know if you are the lucky winner of one of the 6 MagicBrush sets? I am very excited to announce the winners!
Here are them:
  1. Runa Fälber won one Orange Set;
  2. Sandra Pérez Matute won one Black Set;
  3. Aline Ln won one Black Set;
  4. Roosa Rantanen won one Black Set;
  5. Ella van Blankenstein won one Black Set;
  6. Bethan Nicholson won one Orange Set.
Congratulations, you are the 6 winners! I hope you and your horse enjoy these amazing brushes!
I will e-mail you soon to ask for your adress, don't forget to see it!

For those who didn't win, you can get your MagicBrush set here or you can keep up with their Facebook, they regularly offer some sets to their fans! :)
MagicBrush has two more sets in addition to the Black and the Orange: The Candy set and the Winter Fun set. I made a little photo shoot with the Candy set, I hope you like it!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Linea Evolution by Prestige Italy

In our days, science and technology allow brands to create very innovative tack with big aids to the riding work.
Prestige is one of the most innovative brands as they create tack that is comfortable for both the horse and the rider. The well being of the horse matters to this brand, therefore they are always improving their products.
Prestige's newest innovation are the Sorrento; Positano; Capri and Amalfi Bridles which have 2 new very relevant aspects that I show below. These bridles won the 1st Prize on the Spoga Horse Innovation Award 2013.





1. Adjustable Noseband

  • Horses' heads differ from each other both in the size and shape of their bones.
  • The position of the cheek bone may depend on the breeding and gender.
Until now, issues related to different conformations could only be solved by using the various sizes available (pony, cob, full and x-full) but now, with the adjustable noseband, you are able to adjust the width of the uprights of the noseband without changing the size of the bridle. This way, the cheek bone has more freedom due to the displacement of the cheek pieces "inside" the noseband by a quick-release system.

2. Elastic Adjustment of the Bit

  • The bit undergoes interference both from the movement of the rider's hand and the chewing of the horse.
  • The rider's hand moves horizontally but the force is discharged on the palate and on the jaw. On the other hand, the chewing grows mainly in the vertical direction, thus discharging most of the pressure of the poll part of the head, from the mouth to the neck.
  • Horses are evolving to more light and sensitive animals. Therefore it is necessary to protect the horse itself while using the bit.
Prestige solved this issues by inserting an elastic part in the area where the bridle is attached to the bit. This allows about 1cm of play before starting to work in a stronger way. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leather Halters/Headcollars

I am writting this post because my halter, made from nylon and soft fur, is getting ugly so I decided to search for some leather halters as they give horses a classic and refined look that I love! This may be one of my next purchases.
There are some models that are prettier and fit better than others, I chose the halters I think that match these two aspects and also the less expensive ones - without forgetting the quality!
Here is my top 10:

This is absolutely my favourite. It is made from soft English leather and has brass fittings. This halter has a raised padded headpiece and a raised padded noseband with stitching throughout. 
It is available in havana or black and the sizes are cob, full and x-full.

Another one from Mark Todd very similar to the previous but this doesn't have the fancy stitchings.
The colors and sizes are the same.

The sections under the jaw are removable. It has a soft line on the nose and on the headpiece. The fittings are made from brass.
It is available in dark brown and the sizes are cob and full.

Leather headcollar with stitched detail and padding to the adjustable nose and head. It has two buckles.
The colors are brown and black and the sizes are pony, cob and full.

This halter with raised padded noseband and headpiece has synthetic diamonds on the noseband and on the cheek pieces.
It is available in brown and black and the sizes are pony, cob and full.

Made of premium leather with fancy stitching, the Dover Pro Fancy-Stitched Padded Halter stands up to daily use and looks great for shows.
This halter is available in black and havana and the size in full.

It has two buckles and a stylish stitching throughout.
Horze offers the halter in this color with the sizes cob, full or x-full.

Leather halter with soft lining in the headpiece, cheekpieces and noseband. Buckles on both sides of the headpiece. Adjustable under the nose. Embroidery on one cheekpiece and a brass plate that can be engraved on the other.
Available in dark brown and the sizes are cob and full.

The Caldene Leather Padded Headcollar offers a comfortable, smart and stylish design that will add definition. This padded headcollar features white piping on the noseband and poll strap. It has an adjustable noseband and headpiece with quick release throat strap.
The colors are havana and black and the sizes are pony, cob and full.

The Caldene Leather Headcollar offers that regal look and is ideal for special occasions and events. It offers a super comfortable padded design with contrast stitching and brass plate on the cheek piece which can be engraved. It also has an adjustable buckle fastening around the noseband and head piece for a perfect fit and a quick release throat strap.
It is available in black or havana and the sizes are cob and full.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Deux Chevaux Belts

When I need to add some glamour to my riding looks, I wear belts. Usually, I only like simple and discrete ones but these from Deux Chevaux are beautiful as they are simple but they have their original and modern touch - they are based upon the work of American artist Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE pieces!
They are available in a 14k gold satin or silver rhodium finish, with five choices of reversible leather - 2 in 1, I like that! - and there are four different sizes and five different types of leather.
Check them out: 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sensogan By Sprenger

Sprenger has developed a new bit material named Sensogan. This material is the result of additional development and improvement of their original material, Aurigan, which has great points such as its taste and salivation aspects. However, Sprenger wanted better so they created an even more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse:  Sensogan bits!
The distinctive composition of copper, manganese and zinc makes Sensogan very innovative because with the reduced copper content the oxidation process is still maintained but the combination with manganese makes the difference. It results in a smoother and more regulated process of oxidation.

Sprenger says that "tests show a very positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform. The copper discharge quantity into the horse’s saliva is reduced considerably, which helps to keep the noble white-gold colour for a longer time. The new ingredient manganese on the other hand is an important micronutrient. As a crucial component and activator of enzymes, manganese is highly relevant for building up connective tissue as well as for the muscle and energy metabolism. It can therefore be helpful in preventing muscle tension and in supporting stress reduction. Beyond that, manganese is needed for the reduction of histamine and can prevent allergic skin reactions. Also, the feed industry discovered manganese to be a promising food additive that is gaining in importance in modern feeding of sport horses."

These bits don't tarnish easily as the chewing activity of the horse is optimally supported and they are easy to care for. They maintain their elegant appearance over a long time period. 
All Sensogan bits are marked with a black ring at the cheeks.

Sprenger has a wide range of their bits in Sensogan available.

Do you know Sensogan bits? Do you use them? If yes, what do you think about them?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Signature Spurs

Signature Spurs is a brand that engraves names and initials on spurs or whips.
I have been seeing some products by this brand and I always like the final result, specially on the spurs. They have that lovely personal detail and you won't lose them, it seems perfect!

There are many models, sizes and fonts available. If you prefer, you can send them your own spurs and they will engrave them.

The whips:

On the whips, there are some models available too. You also have to choose if you prefer a two letter monogram or a 3 letter monogram.

Do you have engraved spurs/whips? Do you like these? 

Don't forget to enter the MagicBrush Giveaway here.