Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roeckl Riding Gloves

I had had many gloves before I decided to invest in a good pair of gloves but none was good enough. I was tired of bad quality gloves, each pair didn't last more than 6 months! 
Last December, I bought my first pair of Roeckl gloves. Two hours after buying them I was entering a competition and I wore them, I couldn't believe, they were much better than the other gloves! In my opinion Roeckl gloves provide comfort and hand protection but they let you feel the reins and for me that is crucial. I'm glad I have bought them, I'm using them for ten months and they still are doing their good job!
Here are my favourite Roeckl gloves:

My Roeckl Gloves: Roeck-Grip Black

Roeck-Grip Plume
Roeck-Grip Mocha

Roeck-Grip White
 Roeck-Grip Marine/White
Roeck-Grip with Swarovski Marine
Roeck-Grip with Swarovski Black

Roeck-Grip with Swarovski Mocha


  1. Some day I will spoil myself with a pair of Roeckls...but till that day comes, I love my BR breathables - work for winter & summer even though they are supposed to be summer gloves.
    I adore them :-D