Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gali's New Diet

With Gali's surgery I knew a lot would change, namely he's diet. The truth is that he was already taking a few supplements to prevent colics but after the surgery I knew the supplements would become even more important and he would need more than those he was already taking.

During the first days, the shelf full of so many different packages was very confusing but thanks to the vet who's following Gali, Horse Remedy and Chia de Gracia's teams, everything got easier and I knew exactly what I should do! The photo above is my attempt to show you how I felt during the first days, hahahaha. 😂

Let me show you what Gali is eating as I promised on my last blog post:

- Alfa Beet by Dengie Horse Feeds

Gali already knew and enjoyed Alfa Beet. It is made of alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet pulp and it helps us keeping him hydrated as the pellets are transformed into a mash with water (and it requires a lot of water, which is great). 
Most importantly, Alfa Beet is low in sugar and, after the surgery, laminitis was something we needed to prevent.

- Alfa-A by Dengie Horse Feeds

Alfa-A was suggested by the vet. It is made from pure Alfalfa and it is the only solid he's eating (besides grass). It is important because it is a high fibre feed and, as Dengie explains, it "is proven to aid the digestive health and buffer acidity in the digestive tract". 

- Probioguts from Horse Remedy

I can't express how grateful I am for Horse Remedy's help. As soon as they heard the news, they offered to help me, even sent a couple of supplements for Gali and clarified all my doubts - they rock! Probioguts was one of the supplements they sent. Two of its functions I like the most are that it improves and maintains the balance of the intestinal flora and enhances nutrients and vitamins assimilation. 
It is made of spelt bran that was fermented with a mix of lactobacilli and bacilli (they call these "the good bacteria").

Oh, and the measuring "cup" is the cutest thing ever! There is no room for mistakes and it's easy to save inside the package.

- Vitamin E by Chia de Gracia

It isn't pink. It looks like this because of another of their products that turns pink with water!

I decided to include this on Gali's diet because he's not eating fresh hay (which would provide him this vitamin) and because Vitamin E helps Gali's scars. I put 3 pumps/day on his mash, he doesn't even notice it.

Another great supplement from Chia de Gracia but sent to me by Horse Remedy. Its ingredients are Himalayan salt, mineral salt, beetroot powder and dandelion root - this is the product that turns pink with water.
I've noticed Gali has started drinking more water since I use Electrolyte Up and I'm not even giving him the maximum daily amount.

This is it regarding the supplements. Gali also eats bran mash but we haven't reintroduced his Cavalor feed yet - for now he's good with these. I'm so happy to be giving him 100% natural products and I'm honestly such a big fan of these!!
However, before deciding to give your horse any of these, ask your vets for their opinion. Every horse is different and what works for Gali might not work so well for your horse!

See you on the next post,
Carolina 💗

Friday, January 18, 2019

Gali Update

Ahhhh, I'm finally laying on the couch after two weeks of exams. It feels so nice to have time again!

Today, after my last exam. We can finally spend more time together!

The first few days after Gali came back were hard for me. I was trying to combine productive study days with waking up incredibly early to go to the barn, grooming him, taking care of the suture, hand walking him and prepping the meals for the rest of the day - he's taking lots of supplements and I didn't feel okay with asking anyone else to do it for me but I'm leaving that for another post.
Those days were also hard because I felt it was my first time around a horse, I was afraid of doing everything because the fear of doing something wrong was huge. It felt that anything could go wrong in a second. It also didn't help having so much people trying to take photos with him, Gali needed to be relaxed and there was always someone bothering him.

By the second or third day, Gali didn't want to eat his meals which was incredibly weird because he usually LOVES food. The situation also drove me crazy because he didn't drink water and the mash was the only way to keep him hydrated. So that day was the only day I cried since the vet told me he needed surgery.
However, his appetite came back a couple of days later and everything started getting less weird. At least until he had to have most of the stitches removed because he wasn't accepting them very well, the suture was starting to look so bad.

When Gali lost his appetite

After that, I've been applying a medicine every day. Gali absolutely hates it and has tried to kick me a few times but now I always ask someone to help me. That thing is effective though, it is looking so much better!!! I could post photos but they might be too much for some of you, it's definitely not the most beautiful thing for you to see!

He's clearly enjoying his meals again!
As for the rest...he's starting to get absolutely crazy, there's so much energy inside of him! Hand walking is getting harder because everything scares him now. Today someone made a noise, he bucked and lifted me off the ground, hahaha. 😂

It has been almost a month since the surgery. Hopefully next week I'll get the okay from the vets to start lunging him! 

See you on the next post,
Carolina 💗

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gali Had Colic Surgery...

Yep...that's right. One of my biggest fears became true two weeks ago. 

On the second day of our last show of 2018 Gali was not feeling okay and it ended up being a colic that required surgery. I honestly couldn't believe it.

The only clinic available to perform that surgery in Portugal is located three ours away from our barn and a big trip isn't exactly what a horse needs in these cases but we got there in time. The surgery went well but Gali had an enterolith inside him that had been growing for some time (you can read more about it here and here).

After the surgery Gali spent two more weeks there and I just got home from the clinic. He looks okay and happy to be home but I can't stop staring at my phone (we have cameras) to see if he needs something. Right now, I'm feeling incredibly happy to have him back but I'm also overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility. It almost feels like I don't know anything about horses!

The enterolith weights 0.5kg.

This is not a post you would usually see on my blog but I think sharing my thoughts might help me dealing with everything or help others in the same situation. During the next months I would like to write a bit more about Gali's recovery, the new routines, the new diet, etc. Don't worry...I'll still be a fashionable equestrian "nurse" so the equestrian fashion posts will continue! 😄

Thank you so much for your love and support, I am very lucky to have my internet friends! And if you're interested in having a "closer look" at our new journey that has just started, Instagram is the place where you'll find the most so here's my Instagram account:

See you soon,
Carolina 💕