Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Equi-Spa: Fairy Tails Review

Helloooo everyone, happy Tuesday!! How is your week going?! Yesterday I went to the barn after school to organize all my tack after this weekend's show and to lunge Gali! While I was doing my usual grooming routine with Gali, I realised that I still hadn't shown you a few products that came with me from the US (ps.: can I go back already?!) and today is the perfect day to do it because I only had classes in the morning and I'm spending the afternoon at home - that's rare!!!

The first product I want to write about is Fairy Tails by Equi-Spa. While I was in NYC, this brand kindly sent me a few products and I have been testing them for a almost a month. From those three products Fairy Tails is my absolute favorite and if I could only buy one product from them in the future, this would be my first choice!

Fairy Tails is very different from regular mane & tail conditioners. Besides the fact that it is 100% natural (made from botanical extracts, essential oils, minerals and amino acids), its formula is very oily and has a super intense but relaxing smell. Instead of spraying it directly onto Gali's mane and tail, I like to use my hands because I feel I use less product and I get better results.

After this first step, I brush his mane and tail like I would do with any other product. However, I have been noticing some major differences.
Let me be honest with you, Gali's mane is weird. It's thick but at the same time it isn't, then he has a lot of volume in some sections but the others are completely normal so I try to be very careful, otherwise it will start looking like a hot mess! 😬 Fairy Tails has been helping me with this issue because it makes the mane look softer. I also feel his mane and tail have been growing faster and I don't know for a fact that is a consequence of using this product but I'm loving it, especially because it looks healthier.

This was when I tried to apply it directly

However, the best part of it is that Fairy Tails leaves his mane and tail incredibly shiny (ridiculously beautiful!!!) and then while I'm riding I can feel the lovely smell!!
On Equi-Spa's website, they advise us to spray a generous amount of product but I've been using a very small amount each time and I think it is more than enough. At the beginning I thought the 16oz bottle wouldn't last long but now I am almost sure it will last, at least, 1.5/2 more months - I'll let you know!

The only thing that didn't work very well the first time I used the spray was that Gali thought the smell was weird but he always does that when I use something new. After letting him smell it for a few seconds, he got completely used to the smell and even tried to eat the bottle as you can see on this last pic! 😂

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Horse Nutritionists – Let’s talk about Wisium!

Hi, everyone! I’m back from NYC and spending my days at the barn with Mr. Gali has been my routine since I got back. We’re having some hot, hot days here in Portugal and, as I’m sure you all know by now, colics are one of my biggest concerns after last year’s episode. Gali doesn’t drink a lot of water so I always try to make sure his diet is balanced enough and that the supplements I give him are adequate and force him do drink some more water. However, sometimes I still struggle with Gali’s resistance to water (I only have this problem during the Summer) and that makes me wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong or what is in fact “inside” his food and supplements. 

Because I’m not a veterinarian nor someone that accurately knows what horses should or should not eat, this has become a topic that deeply interests me as I only know the basics. I’ve recently discovered a company called Wisium that focus on creating diets that are tailored for the needs of each horse. I didn’t know any of company like them but I’ve spent quite some time on their website and I’ve discovered that they have a strong worldwide presence, including Portugal which, of course, is a big plus for me!

Wisium is like a business consultant for animal feed! This company helps its customers in several stages of the process: not only individually to create formulas for sport horses, breeding horses, etc, but also on an industrial level making sure every feed is doping free, safe and meets the requirements and goals of its clients.

Although Wisium puts most of its effort on big companies, I would love to give them Gali’s feed and ask them to tell me what’s good, what isn’t and what should I change. Getting advice from experts tranquilizes me but if I’m not able to do it personally, knowing that companies are able to use this service is also great! 

I would love to know if any of you have ever used a service like this one from Wisium or if you already knew them - the horse world is so complex and has way more businesses than I can imagine! Anyway, I will try to find out if the companies that produce Gali’s feed have ever used this type of service!!!

Hope this blog was useful to you!
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Carolina 💙

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Monday, September 10, 2018

[#ROOTD] Straight from America!

Hi everyone! Have you seen my tack haul from NYC? If you saw it, I'm sure you know that my top is from Dover and my breeches are from Manhattan Saddlery! Although I showed you what I bought, I  still wanted to show you how these look paired together - this has got to be one of my best #ROOTD's!

Although I was planning on buying brands that I could only find in America, I fell in love with this Polka Dot SunStopper shirt from Ariat! I wanted to get a sun shirt from Tailored Sportsman because that is an iconic brand from America but I thought this one was cuter!
There is a women's version of this shirt but the first one I saw was in the kids section and it was way cheaper so I grabbed a large one and I think it looks great.

I love how lightweight this shirt is! I know wearing long sleeves in the Summer is weird but it definitely keeps me cool and the "ultra-fine" mesh panels are great to keep moisture away from my skin. I rode 3 horses yesterday and I felt Ariat's Moisture Movement Technology working!!

Before my flight to NYC I was already sure that I would buy a pair of breeches from RJ Classics. I spent months drooling over their breeches but I wasn't sure of which color I would pick because their website had too many options! However, when I visited Manhattan Saddlery they only had them in navy, black and dove gray which was a but disappointing but I still brought these with me.

These Gulf Knee Patch breeches are already on my list of "the most flattering breeches on Earth" and they are C-O-M-F-Y!!!
During this year I've realised that, in most cases, there is really a difference between "cheap" and "expensive" breeches regarding comfort. RJ breeches are not the cheapest but they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own at the moment. I hope I will be able to buy these in other (funnier) colors if I ever visit the US again!!

Before saying goodbye, my belt is from Horse-A-Porter, the socks are from Kingsland and the sneakers from New Balance. I felt I needed these three items to complete my outfit!!

Hope you enjoyed this #ROOTD!
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Carolina ♡