Thursday, December 28, 2017


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Friday, December 22, 2017

Yes, It's A Gift Guide!

Well...they're never enough, am I right?! :D

#1 - Grey Horse Candles

Grey Horse Candles are amazing, not only because they have some of our fave scents but also because their design is absolutely beautiful. They're the perfect gift for your candle addict equestrian!

#2 - Photoshoot With An Equine Photographer

You can't go wrong with an equine photoshoot, specially when there are so many amazing photographers out there. Here are some of my faves: Sophie Callahan, Diana Wahl, Carolina Fontes, Eileen Schreiner...

#3 - My Barn Child "Palm Beach Ponies" Pillow

My Barn Child carries home decor now. I love the entire "Palm Beach Ponies" collection!

#4 - Horsegloss Phone Case

If you don't want to spend a fortune on something that is horse related, Horsegloss has a cool variety of phone cases.

#5 - Lincoln Xmas Stocking

We all know they deserve it! I really want to get this for Gali but I didn't find it yet in my country... Anyway, it's available here!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[ROOTD] There's Really Nothing Better...

...Than coming back home to this one!

Hey everyone! How is your week going? I've been quite busy as this is my last week of classes before Christmas break!
These photos were taken the day after I arrived from Paris so I had quite a big smile on my face because I was near my Gali again. I love travelling but I also love coming back and immediately going to the barn - I remember my dad being mad at me because I always asked him to drive me to the barn the second we arrived from our holidays!
I thought this was a nice day to take some photos because I was wearing quite a few things for the first time, yay! I also took my Horse-A-Porter bag with me because I couldn't miss the opportunity to properly show it to you, I finally have a decent sized and beautiful (that pattern with the bit ♥)  bag that I can take with me on my trips!

Focusing on the outfit, let me start by mentioning my new EGO7 Orion boots that I brought from Salon du Cheval: I needed a new pair because my old fellas were in desperate need of retirement. I thought they were still in great condition until I tried a new pair and discovered again, after so many years, what comfortable boots should feel like. I can't tell you how much I love them but I will leave that for a review!
Then, also from Paris, there's my new winter jacket from HV Polo. The Surrey jacket was a fabulous last minute find, although I never thought I would like to wear this color! I didn't own anything from this brand but now that I do, I can't recommend it enough (this jacket has become my first choice in just two weeks).

Coincidence or not, my friend Carolina kindly offered me this beanie and I swear she didn't know I had just bought a jacket in the exact same color. When I arrived at the barn and saw it I couldn't believe it - same name, same taste, maybe?!
I've worn this breeches and this sweater so many times that I think you may be tired of them already! If any of you don't know them, the breeches are from Euro-riders although I can't find them online and the sweater is from the Eskadron Fanatics collection.

In my opinion, the GP belt, also from Horse-A-Porter, upgrades this outfit to a totally different level. The entire outfit is super casual but then with the belt it all comes together to a smarter look. You can't really see it in these photos but the belt is red on the inside, it reminds so much of Louboutin!

Do you feel like me when you spend a while without your horses? What did you think of this ROOTD?
See you on the next post,

Photos by Carolina Fontes - Please check her amazing work! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Salon du Cheval'17

Hey everyone! These last weeks were as hectic as epic: last weekend I was in France and this weekend I was back in my country competing so now it's time to slow a bit to tell you everything.

I will start my posts about Paris with this one from Salon du Cheval...and where to begin?! Perhaps by saying that it was great!

Although I already knew the Salon from last year's edition, it felt like I was there for the first time. There's always something new to see and that place is so big that I never have time to see everything in detail!

There were 90 000m2 to explore and to get lost (oh boy, I got lost so many times!!! Hahaha). From stands, to competitions, to auctions and ponies...the Salon has it all and I never get tired of it - can I plan next year's trip already?!

As I arrived late on Friday, I didn't have time to visit the fair that day so on Saturday my entire morning and half of my afternoon were spent there, as well as some hours on Sunday, wandering from booth to booth. At Salon du Cheval we find products that we don't even imagine that exist and worse than that, we leave thinking how much we need (want) them.

What amazes me the most is the effort that all the brands/stores put on their booths. CWD was one of my faves because of the colourful wall but there were so many more that I would never end this post if I showed you all of them - the solution is to visit the Salon! :D

I decided to mentally write the list of the things I wanted to buy at the Salon and then on the last day I would get them before leaving. I end up buying a few more things - this always happens!!! - but I left the most amazing Harcour saddle pad there because I was not sure if I should get it and then when I decided that it would come with me, the Fleur saddle pad sad!
The only thing that I wish that was different was the closing hour. During the days I was there it closed at 7pm which I think it's a bit early but I understand that there are lots of people working at the Salon and that they must go home as well!

Next Thursday I will upload the first travel diary of this trip on my YouTube channel, make sure you are subscribed!
See you soon,