Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Autumn Style

Hi guys, I'm back with an outfit post and I'm so excited to show you this one! I've teamed up with In Stride Outfitters and created a very cool/laid-back riding outfit that is perfect for Autumn. 

I own a bunch of hoodies but I have no doubts that this one is my favorite. "You're cute but can you really compete with my horse?" is exactly the kind of thing I would say, and I guess most of you agree with me. Is there anything cuter than our horse? Hmm...it's hard to believe!

Besides having the coolest quote ever, this hoodie is extremely comfortable - I didn't know what California fleece cotton was but now I can totally notice the difference between that and the regular synthetic fleece.

To pair with the hoodie, I chose my navy breeches from Euro-riders. You know I always go for navy and these are specially comfortable. My previous navy breeches were also great but I had to replace them after using them so much. I'm also wearing 574 grey and navy New Balance sneakers (which actually make my feet look small, I wear EU 39) and my gorgeous Michael Kors watch.

I hope you enjoyed the post & I hope I gave you some inspiration and ideas for your future riding outfits. I know I'm going to wear this outfit many times! In Stride Outfitters donate a portion of their sales to a thoroughbred rehoming program. =)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Equana: Empower Naturally

Hi everyone, Summer holidays are over so me and Galileu are back to more intense training and competition. Because of that and because I believe that his well being is the most important thing, I decided to start giving him natural supplements from Equana.

I thought Equana was a good option for my horse because it doesn't contain doping substances, fats, sugars or carbohydrates, only amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes. Also, it comes in sachets which makes my life easier since I don't need to measure the dose every time I want to give him the supplement.
The best part? It is soluble in water so Gali always drinks everything without any effort.

How to use Equana:
Just get a bucket and fill it with 3 liters of water. Then, open one sachet and mix the powder with water. It's as simple as that, after doing this you are ready to give your horse the supplement - by the way, it smells too good!

I didn't know what was going to be Galileu's reaction when I first gave it to him but he just smelled the bucket and drank it until there wasn't anything left, I guess he loved it!

After giving him Equana a few times I can already see some changes. His body works better than ever, he's always fresh on the next day. He works great and doesn't get as tired as usual, his hair is super shinny too. I am so happy to see my baby looking so good! #proudmama :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mr. Castle: Spanish Brand For Stylish Riders

Hi everyone, yesterday I found a new equestrian brand that was founded in 2015. I'm talking about Mr. Castle, a Spanish brand that doesn't have a single product on their website that I don't like. I mean, everything is just so simple yet so girly and classy but sophisticated - I am sure they will have a lot of success.

The navy and baby pink show jacket is absolutely gorgeous, I was looking for a new one and I guess I have found it! Another thing that I find lovely are the breeches, they only have three colors available  but they look really comfortable and I also think the colors are cute.
Every time I go to their website I just want to add everything to my shopping cart - just take my money! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tack Haul From Scotland

Last Tuesday I wrote about Halymyres Stables, a peaceful place in Scotland where horses can enjoy huge green fields. As I told you here, I bought some things for Gali at their tack store.

The prices were very appealing so it ended up being a great opportunity to get some things that I would have to get in Portugal...well, I can't lie, I got two things that I didn't need that much but you will understand the reason why I got them. 

The first two things I grabbed were the Diamond White shampoo by Wahl - I've already tried it. The results are fantastic - and the Gold Label lotion.  The following two things were a headcollar and a lead rope that were a real bargain.

After the essentials, I saw a mane pulling tool called Solocomb. I honestly hate pulling my horse's mane because I am always afraid it won't look good so when I saw it I immediately told my dad we needed to bring it with us and I was right, it works great!

The last item I got at Halymyres Stables was a winter rug by Shires Equestrian. Yes, I bought a Winter rug in Scotland! :) Why? Because it costed 30 pounds and it is a million times better than all the rugs I own. I will post a photo of the rug when Gali wears it for the first time.

To finish, at the airport I bought two notebooks from the Pony Print collection by Cath Kidston.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


My Summer holidays have been amazing, specially in the last few weeks. I have spent most of the time at the barn or at shows which is pretty awesome for someone who loves horses like I do.

On Friday a friend of mine visited me at the barn and took me and Gali some photos. I was wearing one of my favorite pieces from Southern Equestrian, the #EquestrianGoals tee - it is really soft and light, perfect for our super hot weather. I paired it with boyfriend jeans from Zara and my favorite New Balance sneakers for a casual look.

After taking the photos I rode Galileu - the polo wraps and saddlepad are from Eskadron. My breeches are from Kingsland.