Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Miss 2G's - The New CWD Saddle For Horsewomen

CWD has just launched a new saddle that was specially designed for female riders. 
"In order to keep their spine straight, women have to tip their pelvis further forward than men, thereby shifting their centre of gravity. They therefore sit further forward on their pubic bone which touches the saddle. This position can cause pain in the pubic symphysis. If the saddle is not padded at this level, women riders have to compensate by stooping to find their balance further back on the saddle", CDW explains.
To solve this issue, the French company redesigned the injected carbon kevlar Dynamick saddle tree so that it properly fits the female morphology. Because of the U-shaped flat seat and the use of foam at the front of the saddle and at ischial level, it removes the strain from the pelvis, making our job easier.
Furthermore, Miss 2G's is also great for our best friends, the opening of its tree frees the horses' movement when jumping.

The saddle is 100% made of biodegradable vegetable leather and has great resistance to extreme conditions. The best part? You can customize it by choosing the color of the piping and stirrup leather keeper - this is what I call a dream saddle!

Friday, June 17, 2016

GIVEAWAY - Horse Photography Book by Bob Tabor

Horse/Human: An Emotional Bond is a beautiful horse photography book by Bob Tabor. Bob has spent many time of his life photographing horses and creating powerful images. This book is just a proof of how great his work with horses is. The acclaimed photographer understands and respects our best friends, while capturing the essential personality of each horse in a manner typically reserved for portrait photography.
Since I thought this would be something that you would enjoy, I have decided to give away one copy of the book.

The giveaway is open to all the readers and you can enter it until June, 25th. Do, at least, one of the steps below to enter the giveaway:

If you want to pick the book yourself, click here to get it on Amazon or here to get it on Indiebound! Honestly, this is not an average equestrian photography book, I have some and most of them can't even be compared to this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Home Decor for Equestrians

I always like to start the day with some inspiration, I love quotes and mostly I love those printed ones that you can frame and hang on your walls. A few minutes ago, I was checking my Facebook (by the way, follow our page) when I found some great equestrian prints from Stubborn As A Mule that I want to share with you:

Don't you love them? I am sure my future home will be full of these hahaha. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Girth That Will Revolutionize The Equestrian Sport!

Hey, guys! These weeks have been crazy, it's finals time here so I haven't really got much time for blogging but trust me, as soon as this madness ends, I have many surprises for you and I am sure you will love them!

Today I want to tell you about a product that I had the chance to know a few weeks ago, a connected girth for horses that will revolutionize the equestrian sport and that was created by Seaver.
Seaver is a French start-up that is currently developing the first ever smart girth and girth sleeve for horses with a smartphone app that will allow riders to measure their horses' performance. With this app we will be able to get precise metrics about horses' performances as well as their health conditions. According to Seaver, "Coupled with our mobile application, the Seaver girth will allow riders and horse-owners to have a live streaming of their riding data, as well as an interface to go through more complex metrics at the end of the exercise; tracking the long term condition of their horse."

For those who do not wish to change their old girth, there is a "reduced" version of the girth, the girth sleeve, with the same technology which is adaptable to every type of girth.
Prestigious materials are used in the girth. It is made of a top quality leather, combined with anti-injury neoprene and anti-shock carbon. The electronics are embed in the girth (or girth sleeve), therefore we only need to check our phones for live streaming data (speed, calories burnt, heart rate and distance covered)! How cool is this?!

If you are not convinced yet - wait, is that even possible?! I want this since the first moment I saw it - here are some things you can use the Seaver girth for:
  1. Avoid overtraining
  2. Detect health problems early
  3. Track the physical condition of your horse
  4. Balance your training and diversify it
  5. Identify and learn from your training flaws
  6. Share the data with your coach to better progress 

After work you can also analise all these points:
  1. Right/left pace analysis
  2. Top speed, average speed
  3. Effort analysis

  4. Map view of the jump paths

  5.  Recovery time between exercises

  6. Fence approach analysis (distance, number of strides)
  7. Jump analysis (vertical, margin over the fence, horizontal)
  8. Pace analysis & breakdown (walk, trot, gallop)

  9. Anomalies detection & prevention
From today, June 15th, these  two products will be available for pre-sale exclusively on the Kickstarter platform.
That's it for today, I hope you are as excited as I am about these, I really want to see how they work in real life. Have a nice week! :)