Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Summer Vibes

With this crazy weather nobody would say that Spring is already here! Here in Portugal we have had some sunny days but the rain is back. I had a show planned for the weekend and it was already canceled due to the scary weather forecast - I can't wait to stop having this issues because riding outside is one of the best things in life, am I right?

Since Spring time doesn't get out of my mind, I have selected some pieces that are great choices for the season. Pastels and, in the opposite way, strong colors are the biggest trends.

Polo: Beatriz, Kingsland
T-shirt: Horse Shirt, Spooks
Breeches: Mariel, Equiline

Jacket: Lisa Fleece, Kingsland
Polo: Polly, Euro-star
Breeches: Alice PowerGrip, Euro-star
Vest: Lisa, Spooks

Shirt: Bora Bora, Scarabeus
T-shirt: Cassie, Kingsland
Breeches: Keomi, Kingsland
Jacket: Jessie, Spooks
Soft Jacket: Bolina, Pikeur
What did you think of my suggestions? Have a nice week :)

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