Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fixdesign Breeches - New colours!

After last week's post about Fixdesign Winter collection where I said how much I wanted them to create new breeches, today I was checking my email when I saw their newsletter that had an image of their new breeches with winter colours. This means that I probably will get some new breeches soon because Fixdesign breeches are the most comfortable/gorgeous breeches I have ever had and their price is great while compared to the other good quality breeches - I am a little sad that their price is higher now than it used to be!

The new colours are Caffe (Coffee) and Verde Scuro (Dark Green). I would love to get both since you can never have too many breeches and I love these new colours but maybe I will have to choose just one pair - this is another problem though...which one am I going to choose? Decisions, decisions, being a girl is hard! Well...could you help me? Which is your favourite colour?
You can find the breeches here.
Have a nice week! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fixdesign Fall/Winter Favourites

I have already written about Fixdesign many times because some of their clothes are absolutely gorgeous and their quality is flawless - this brand is totally on my top 5!
Their Fall/Winter collection was launched last week, on November 6th, and I have selected my favourites. I was hoping that they had some cute breeches on the collection but until now they don't have any new pair on the online shop...


The coolest shirts from this collection. I would love to have all of them, they look really preppy!


More classic than this is impossible. Plus, everybody needs a V neck shirt to wear with show shirts!


The back of this jacket says «Horses Dresses Dreams» which basically sums up my personality right now! The jacket is great for the cold season, it remembers me of my Winter after-school rides!

There are some more items on Fixdesign's Winter collection, you can check the entire collection here. I hope they add some more items to the collection though - including breeches, please!! Let me know which are your top picks from the collection!
Have a nice week!