Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kingsland Equestrian Winter 2014 Collection

September is the month where holidays finish and work starts again. The month where routines come back and, for many of us, a new riding season starts. This is also the month where everybody wants to see the new Winter collections so I had to dedicate some of my time to this subject.
As you may know, I am a fan of Kingsland's classic style and they keep it in every collection but there are collections where I have more favourites that in others - that is how fashion works! For me, this collection isn't the best they have ever had but there also are items from this collection that are to die for! And those items are on the top of my Kingsland favourites!
I hope you like my selection!

Sikta Ladies Training Shirt

Anchorage Ladies Fleece Jacket

Killwinning Head Band

Moncton Hat

Irvine Fly Hat

Perth Saddle Pad

Titilin Fly Hat

Gavena Saddle Pad

Beluga Fleece Bandages

And favourites!

My birthday and Christmas are coming... :)
If you want to see the entire collection you can go to Kingsland's website (here). Enjoy!