Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Equi-Thème Winter 14/15 Collection

Equestrian fashion is something very curious to me, it is an universal subject but it is something that is different on each continent! 

Today, I present to you a very European brand and a must-have that every rider should know, Equi-Thème! This brand designs very different styles on each collection allowing riders to choose what fits better their style, their prices are completely fair and the quality/durability is great.
Check out some products from their huge Fall/Winter collection: 

I am looking forward to see this collection the tack stores, I am really lucky that the Portuguese stores always have the Equi-Thème collections!
I am really curious about something, did my North American readers know this brand? Do you or your horse wear their products? :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

My Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is in 11 days! It's coming up so quickly! I am not the kind of girl who counts each and every day until her birthday but I always have my very own wish list! I am 100% sure that I won't receive most of these though!
This list can also help you if your are looking for some gift ideas for equestrian girls like me.
Here are some things that I am hoping for:

- Eskadron Winter 14/15 Collection

Light Nougat Saddle Pad, Size VS
Light Nougat & Ice Blue Fleece Rug, Size M
Light Nougat Bandages, Size Full

I would love to have this set from Eskadron, I think it is gorgeous!

- Regina Ladies Padded Jacket By Kingsland

Regina Padded Jacket

This is one of those items that I know I won't receive because I bought a Kingsland jacket last Winter buuut this one is really stylish and to die for!

- Charline Breeches By Equiline

I saw these breeches for the first time in Valkenswaard and they are the item that I most want from this list! I love navy, I love sparkles, I love Equiline...I love the Charline breeches!

- Infinite Luck Necklace With Diamonds From Luv Inspired

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that this necklace has been on my wish list for, at least, 3 months! I love it but I have never seen it on Luv Inspired website!

- Esperado Bandage Pads

Black Bandage Pads

I saw these bandage pads for the first time at Divoza in The Netherlands. I believe their quality is amazing, My girl would adore them!

- Equiline Eva Competition Shirt

Eva Competition Shirt in Sky Blue
I totally love this Equiline show shirt! Everytime I see the shirt I want to buy it!

And this is it, I will receive other things and maybe if I am really lucky I will receive some items from this list - I will show you everything after my birthday! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GPA Fall-Winter 14/15 Collection

GPA isn't only the company that creates some of the most well known helmets around the world, they also create comfortable and functional gear for the riders while using the best technologies.
As many of you may know, I am Portuguese so I am very proud that the GPA clothing department is located here in Portugal!
I have some clothing from GPA and I am very happy with their quality, therefore, I decided to share some of their most recent items.

Skin Lady Breeches

The secret behind the innovative construction of these breeches is a truly remarkable concept: the NOSEW technology. These breeches are laser cut and afterwards welded using this technology, exclusive to GPA. This results in a lighter, stronger and more comfortable garment due to the elimination of chafing caused by traditional seams. The fabric used is also highly technical with multi-directional stretch properties and great softness.

Prix Hoodie

Casual and comfortable, this zipped hoodie combines a trendy and sporty look with a sober and relaxed style. Soft and warm for a superior comfort, this garment is an essential that can be easily combined with many other garments.
Caroline Show Jacket

My favourite show jacket from this collection! It is gorgeous and I think the GPA team is suggesting me that I should get one because its name is Caroline... ;)
A trendy and comfortable blazer for dynamic and stylish ladies! If you are looking for a soft, warm and fashionable piece of apparel, then look no further! 

Grace Lady Show Shirt

Featuring raglan-style sleeves with elastic inserts for a greater comfort and freedom of movement, this is a classy item with a slim and elegant fit.

Kelly Show Shirt

I love this show shirt, it gives every rider a clean and stylish touch - the beige leather details are fabulous!
The long sleeve shirt for Ladies has become one of the most emblematic styles in GPA’s collections. It is a classic garment which, although constantly reinvented, remains a must-have and an essential in every ladies wardrobe.

Ile Show Polo Shirt

Be at the forefront of fashion with this amazing long sleeve polo shirt.

Loire Show Polo Shirt

Made of a highly breathable and elastic technical material, this is an incredibly light garment with moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable, cool and dry, making it the perfect choice for all your sporting endeavors. 

Marseille Bag

Practical and chic, this unisex bag will allow us to carry lots of different things, even the heavier ones! 

GPA Umbrella

This is the new umbrella from GPA, with a modern design and a practical opening system.

I believe this is one of the classiest GPA collections I have ever seen, the fabrics, the colours, the shapes...everything screams style! This is the perfect collection for the preppy riders and many of these items are on my wishlist, if only I could get all of them! :)
You can find all these items on GPA's online store (here), tell me what you think about the collection and which are your favourite items!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Equiline Fall/Winter 14/15 - Get In The Mood!

Today it was a rainy day and, for the first time this year, I truly felt Fall is coming! I don't particularly love this season, specially when I go to the barn and it is raining but some cute riding clothes for me and some fabulous blankets, coolers or even sheets for my girl would make this Fall/Winter a lot better! I hope Santa brings me some Equiline swag!
I have already published this entire collection here on Equestrian Trend a few months ago (see it hereherehere and here) but since the collection only arrives in stores this week, I will show you the five moods of this collection, as well as some suggestions, so that you can choose your own Equiline mood!

Class & Attraction

Prince of Wales plaid delicately sculpted onto technical fabrics and nylon solids with hints of plaid trim give way to an elegantly preppy and classical look. Breeches with all over plaid , 'Evie', or perhaps just a patch on pockets and trim are very much in style this season.

Sara quilted bomber in Atlantic deep and Evie full-seat breeches in Prince of Wales plaid in Baltic blue. 

Les Broideries

The embroideries provide extra refinement and timeless elegance to beautiful silhouettes but embroidery can be sporty too when paired with the youthfulness of a luxurious cotton hoodie as seen on the ‘Mia’ in blue night with contrasting ivory stitching.

Annabel softshell jacket in cyclamen with Ash X-Grip breeches in Navy.

Think Big

Bold effects and oversized ton-sur-ton (tone-on-tone) logos create excitement and enthusiasm. Use of color blocking is still trending with this mood as well. The ‘Logan’ men’s quilted vest is an example of thinking big, water resistant, windproof and highly breathable for comfort.

Logan men’s vest in blue night, Amos sweatshirt in blue/apple green, and Theo breeches in grey. 

High Performance

The High Performance mood  features technical fabrics, anatomical cuts, and high stretch inserted panels that allow extreme flexibility, reducing restriction while still offering a close conforming fit. Elastic panels that run the full length of the breeches provide an added benefit of compression to help minimize muscle fatigue. The ‘Leah’ breeches come in five color ways for Fall, all with Equiline patented X-Grip for stability.

Loretta polar microfleece jacket in black and Leah high performance breeches in white.


This autumn general fashion celebrates color and allows the shades more typical of summer to carry through so you can layer upon your most fond summer pieces to create the warmth you need into fall with matching tones. Most popular are jewel tones; plus sunny yellow, red and various shades of green. Neon is still a focus but subdued as accents is what’s trending. Equiline predicts that the 'Tilly' ultralight weight vest is going to be a best seller. For the colder days of Winter this vest also comes in a full sleeve, hooded jacket!
Tilly vest in apple green; Loretta polar microfleece jacket in black; and Leah high performance breeches in white. 

Milly down jacket in sky blue and Penelope breeches in white. 

As you can see, there is something for each and everyone’s particular taste among the various moods!
This is one of the best Equiline collections ever, the technologies and the improvements are incredible, the colors are unique and the embroideries are powerful! I adore this collection and according to Equestrian Trend statistics, many of you were really excited to see it - I am so glad I can show you the collection!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pikeur Winter 14/15 Collection

After showing you so many great Winter collections, I had to dedicate some of my time to the amazing Pikeur.
This brand gives a special attention to the comfort of the rider but their designs are also really good. Pikeur is, without any doubt, one of the best equestrian gear companies. 

I also like the way they incorporate technology on their clothes, I am really looking forward to try some of their new items because their innovations seem to be really effective!
Once again, I have chosen my favourites:








Lucinda - Couldn't find a picture of my favourite colour!

Cable Pattern Loop Scarf

Knitted Neckwarmer and Hat

Tube Contrast

As you can see, the collection is available at Calevo but you can see Pikeur's catalog right here.
I wish I could buy all these clothes, equestrian fashion is incredible! Have a nice week! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Horze Winter 14/15 Collection

Horze has everything we need and their products aren't horribly expensive, I believe both their clothes and horse equipment are made for the practical rider but they don't forget to always add some style to the products.
Here are my favourites:

Chione Tubescarf

Dixie Fleece Jacket

Adina Functional Shirt

Sienna Fullseat Breeches

Grand Prix Thermo Pro Breeches

Jaiden Halter

Brington Polyester Blanket With Fleece Lining

Milan Fleece Rug

You can see the entire collection here. Have a nice Friday! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Eskadron Winter 14/15 - Classic Sports Collection

Eskadron collections keep getting better and better! I don't know how they do that but they always make me want everything. This collection is my favourite since I know Eskadron, I would buy everything for my mare if I could!

For the first time, I saw their prices more attentively and I was very surprised after choosing my favourite items: most of the products from this collection aren't expensive considering their quality.

Cotton saddle cloth.

Saddle cloth bicolor.

Anti-fly hood.

Fleece bandages.

Sweat rug - Fleece Bicolor.

Lambskin headcollar thorn buckle.

Rope with panic hook.

Outdoor rug ripstop 150g padding.

The collection isn't available on Eskadron's webshop yet but you can find these items at Calevo.
Do you like the collection?