Sunday, July 20, 2014

Luv Inspired Equestrian Collection - Summer 2014 Favourites

Luv Inspired is a Toronto based jewelry company that creates unique pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and many other accessories.
This company has a gorgeous equestrian collection that is always getting better and better and this Summer's collection is the real proof of what I have just said! The collection reflects our passion for horses and allows us to keep classic looks, I am very impressed so today I decided to, finally, show you my favourite items!

1. Breed Charm/Necklace

I think these are very special and they are custom made. I even think that you can contact them if you want a different breed.

2. Infinite Luck Necklace With Diamonds

This is the necklace! It is the most perfect necklace I have ever seen and it is on the top of my wishlist.

3.  Infinite Luck Diamond Eternity Band

Another beautiful piece, I usually don't wear rings but I think this would look very stylish - does anyone have one like this? Share a pic with me :)

4. Infinite Luck With A Hint Of Colour

The gold necklaces scream Summer, my favourites are the navy and the green. Which would you choose? 
The silver necklaces are more discrete but still very cute, I would choose the ones with the blue and the pink horseshoes. I think I would prefer the Infinite Luck with Diamonds though.

You can get some of these pieces on their website (here) but if you can't find them, you need to email Luv Inspired to order.
Tell me if you have any of these pieces or if you are planning to buy one! :)

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  1. I love their Bit by Bit & Lucky In Love "Key to my Heart" necklaces...I also saw rose gold ones on their instagram to come for Autumn/Winter i think which were stunning, can't remember what they were called though - but they had teh infinity symbol incorporated in the chain 6 set at an angle i think - not in the middle of the chain. I really liked the unique & off-center'ness of it. :D