Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eskadron - Spring/Summer 2014

Eskadron always keeps their models and plays with the color theme. Usually I think they have very good colors on their «Classic Sports» collections but this season that didn't happen... When I look at this collection I feel Autumn is coming! Of course the collection is very pretty and classic, as always, but I was expecting some bright colors.
The collection:

You can get the entire collection here.
I love this, Eskadron and Pikeur allow riders to match their horses!
Classic and timeless! These colors look so awesome on brown horses!
I love this picture, the scenario is so beautifu!. It makes me think of paradise and the light is wonderful! I also love the model and the horse, amazing color combo, again!

Hibiscus and brown, I love girly combos, what can I say?! :)
The fly rug seems to be very nice!
I have never thought that these colors would look so well together! Did you see the detail of the two tones of brown?! I like it!

How cute?! There are many models of dog rugs and you can match them with your horse's rug!

What do you think about this collection? Do you love it or would you change something? I want to know your opinion!


  1. Personally I love this collection Hibiscus and blue are lovely bright colors, but classic too. And espresso and toffee are classic colors that match beautiful.
    Blue is definitely my favorite eskadron color this season!

    1. I love the Hibiscus color of this collection! And the blue is awesome! I can't decide which is my favorite!

  2. I always love the Eskadron collections and the pictures they use are amazing! I agree that the colours do seem a bit more autumnal, I prefer bright colours for spring and summer, though that being said I am quite a fan of the blue and brown mix - especially as they're the colours I mainly use on mine!