Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Lady Journal & The Lady Pocket Journal by Spiced

As I have previously said, I think Spiced Equestrian has everything you need to show everybody how stylish both you and your horse can be!
They have many products that I truly love, specially the accessories! I have already written about the Skipper Watch and today I am writing about the Lady Journal, a simple but extremely charming black notebook which features the Spiced lady print.

The Lady Journal

How beautiful are these?! I love the emerald print! 
These notebooks are great for school, to write texts for the blog or to log my rides. They are making me feel super inspired and I am only looking at the image! 

Pocket notebooks are my thing! They are easy to carry in my bag and I can write down my lists, take some notes or simply use them to jot down some creative quotes. I like it!

Spiced is having a Valentine's sale so this is a great opportunity for us to get our notebooks! :)


  1. Must check out international shipping costs, but I am totally leaning towards splurging on the a Skipper watch for my friend who loves Orange!
    PS: My knowledge of this brand is 100% down to you - would never have heard of them otherwise!

    1. Ow I am glad that the blog does its job!

      I love the watch too, hard choices...hard choices!