Monday, February 17, 2014

Horse Clutch by The Bridled Horse

Last Saturday I met The Bridled Horse, a lifestyle boutique located in Lexington that sells horse print apparel and accessories.
The Bridled Horse mixes fashion and the equestrian theme, using a concept that nowadays is very appreciated among equestrians.
They have everything from dresses to necklaces but today I am only going to write about one item that is specially catching my eye: the Horse Clutch!
This clutch is made of textured faux leather and is available in turquoise, fuschia and mustard - three colors that are perfect for the warm Summer days!

The clutch features:
  • A turning lock flap closure;
  • A rear zipper pocket;
  • Inside lining with open/zip pockets;
  • A 8.5 inch detachable wrist band and a 48 inch adjustable strap.
Its size (2.5 (W)  x 9.5 (H) inches), colors, details and shape make this clutch great for a casual or semi-formal event.
In fact, the Horse clutch is the right choice for young horse lovers like me, I must keep it on my wishlist!
Do you like it? :)


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE their dresses & tops!
    You are dangerous to my credit card - now to figure out my size in inches to see which ones to splurge on...

    PS: I tried to vote on your poll (my answer - All of them) yet it doesn't appear to have counted my vote :(
    PPS: I hope to get a chance to answer your email today...I haven't forgotten, i just didn't get a chance yesterday, sorry

    1. EDIT: Ignore my comment about your poll, it just took a few minutes to show result, :p
      Seems to be working fine, :)

    2. I love them too! I'm sure they can help you with the size! :)
      I'm so sorry credit card :D

      Thanks for voting!
      No problem, I can wait :D