Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Equiline Fall-Winter 14/15 - Accessories

After the last two posts with the Equiline Fall-Winter 14/15 Woman and Man collection - that you can read here and here - today it is time to post all the accessories and the horse/dog gear.
On this accessories collection, Equiline mixed classic materials and designs with new styles and technology.

Woman Accessories

- Woman Braid

Leather braid belt.

- Diamonds

Leather belt with rhinestones.

- Agata

Leather belt with nickel studs and rhinestones.

- Patrizia

Woman socks with glitter floreal design.

- Kate

- Caterina 

Wool and fleece bonnet with pearls and rhinestones.

- Camilla

Wool and fleece bonnet.

- Wanda

Earmuffs with lapin fur.

- Olga

Earmuffs with synthetic fur.

- Carlotta

Coordinated woman scarf.

Man Accessories

- Twins

Double face belt.

- Man Braid

Leather braid belt.

- Cage

Wool and fleece winter cap.

- Carlo

- Cesare

Coordinated man scarf.

Unisex Accessories

- Logo

- Andrea

Unisex colored socks.

- Will

Tech socks.

- Moreno

Unisex high performance socks.

- Ernesto

Unisex collar scarf.


  1. The Equiline Larry saddle pad looks great, I am so in love with this collection I can't wait for it!!

    1. I love it too! This might be one of the best collections by Equiline!