Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pinklette Equestrian Collection

Pinklette is an american brand that sells jewelry and accessories. But the real reason to be talking about this brand is because they have a fantastic equestrian collection!
I really like some of their products!


  1. They have lovely stuff, I got this lovely horseshoe pendant for a good friend of mine for her birthday a year or two ago & am actually itching to buy myself one - wonderful quality & she actually wears it every day - makes me warm & fuzzy inside to know the gift was so appreciated!

    I've been coveting a pair of horseshoe studs for almost a year now but can't find a pair I like, any chance of a blog article recommending such a thing if you can find them? Ideally I love the simplicity of the horseshoe in the necklace link i provided!

    PS: Still loving your blog, and am actually curious as to whether you have tried all these products you are recommending? If yes, perhaps you could please provide a more detailed review of them including pros & cons and for & against them or what you like/dislike about them or if you prefer similar brands etc - sorry if this being pushy, presumptive of me to ask such a thing - but I haven't come across another blog like this and I love reading about all the products you recommend - although so far I haven't seen anything i could buy *broke-girl-due-to-two-horses*

    1. Hi,
      They really have lovely stuff :) I know that feeling!

      I'm going to find those for you and then I will post them! :)

      I have tried some of the products but others I know their quality because my equestrian friends talk with me about them. But from now on I'm going to do more and more detailed reviews! :)

      I really understand you! Horses are so expensive! :)
      Thank you so much!

    2. Woohoo thanks, you're a star. Off to catch up now on your newest posts.
      Loving this blog!