Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fold-A-Carrier Water Holder

An useful 15 liters water carrier!

Get your Fold-A-Carrier Water Holder here.


  1. Love this idea, I still haven't forgotten your earlier wheelbarrow water carrier recommendation - which do you think would be better?
    Might help if i explain what I'd be wanting it for...Our yard doesn't do winter turnout,however family friends of mine own a plot of land near where I keep my horses on livery and they have given us the use of this land the last few winters (fingers crossed we can also get it this year!) - one problem is that field doesn't have access to water and as it's nothing to do with our yard owners I don't feel we can ask them to provide us with H2O.
    Turnout area is 5 to mins walk from nearest hose - methinks the wheelbarrow might be a good idea, although the abovementioned water carrier could be filled and popped in the back of the car and driven down...hmmm!
    Have you used either?
    Would you say the water carrier in this post is watertight enough that it wouldn't leak or spill for a 5minute trip in the boot of the car?

    Sorry for continually berating your blog with questions!

    1. For winter I think this option is better because it is easier to carry than the wheelbarrow water carrier (specially if you want to use it in the 5 minute car trips!)
      I think these water carriers are both watertight enough (I've never used any of them but I've seen these in one store and they seem really good quality!). So I think you can trust on these products, you only have to choose what is better for you to use!

      I love answering to your questions!

  2. "I love answering to your questions!"

    Luckily for me!