Tuesday, August 20, 2013

C.S.O. Anatomic Gel Over Reach Boots

"A revolutionary anatomic over reach boot which completely absorbs shock. The overreach boot takes the shape of the horse's foot, protecting the heel frominjury. Made from super stretchable gel, which makes them very easy to put on and allows them to perfectly adapt to the shape & size of the hooves and prevents them from turning up. They are very resistant, waterproof and rot proof. Machine washable at 30°C."

You can buy them  here!

Really loving them...!


  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm going to make my way through all the posts to catch up, I just had to ask about these. Have you used them? How long have you had them? How do they stand up to wear and tear?
    Also, probably a dumb question, but do they go on like "old school" over reach boots and are pulled on over the hoof or are there velcro straps somewhere I can't see in the photos?

    1. Hi :) thanks!
      I use them and I have them for about a month...I like them because they do a really good job, they protect a lot but...I have to tell you, they tear easily...They can do their job but I don't think they will survive much time! (If you want I can send you an e-mail with photos of them!)
      They are old school.

      If you have more questions, please, ask! :D