Saturday, September 15, 2018

Horse Nutritionists – Let’s talk about Wisium!

Hi, everyone! I’m back from NYC and spending my days at the barn with Mr. Gali has been my routine since I got back. We’re having some hot, hot days here in Portugal and, as I’m sure you all know by now, colics are one of my biggest concerns after last year’s episode. Gali doesn’t drink a lot of water so I always try to make sure his diet is balanced enough and that the supplements I give him are adequate and force him do drink some more water. However, sometimes I still struggle with Gali’s resistance to water (I only have this problem during the Summer) and that makes me wonder if there’s something I’m doing wrong or what is in fact “inside” his food and supplements. 

Because I’m not a veterinarian nor someone that accurately knows what horses should or should not eat, this has become a topic that deeply interests me as I only know the basics. I’ve recently discovered a company called Wisium that focus on creating diets that are tailored for the needs of each horse. I didn’t know any of company like them but I’ve spent quite some time on their website and I’ve discovered that they have a strong worldwide presence, including Portugal which, of course, is a big plus for me!

Wisium is like a business consultant for animal feed! This company helps its customers in several stages of the process: not only individually to create formulas for sport horses, breeding horses, etc, but also on an industrial level making sure every feed is doping free, safe and meets the requirements and goals of its clients.

Although Wisium puts most of its effort on big companies, I would love to give them Gali’s feed and ask them to tell me what’s good, what isn’t and what should I change. Getting advice from experts tranquilizes me but if I’m not able to do it personally, knowing that companies are able to use this service is also great! 

I would love to know if any of you have ever used a service like this one from Wisium or if you already knew them - the horse world is so complex and has way more businesses than I can imagine! Anyway, I will try to find out if the companies that produce Gali’s feed have ever used this type of service!!!

Hope this blog was useful to you!
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™

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Monday, September 10, 2018

[#ROOTD] Straight from America!

Hi everyone! Have you seen my tack haul from NYC? If you saw it, I'm sure you know that my top is from Dover and my breeches are from Manhattan Saddlery! Although I showed you what I bought, I  still wanted to show you how these look paired together - this has got to be one of my best #ROOTD's!

Although I was planning on buying brands that I could only find in America, I fell in love with this Polka Dot SunStopper shirt from Ariat! I wanted to get a sun shirt from Tailored Sportsman because that is an iconic brand from America but I thought this one was cuter!
There is a women's version of this shirt but the first one I saw was in the kids section and it was way cheaper so I grabbed a large one and I think it looks great.

I love how lightweight this shirt is! I know wearing long sleeves in the Summer is weird but it definitely keeps me cool and the "ultra-fine" mesh panels are great to keep moisture away from my skin. I rode 3 horses yesterday and I felt Ariat's Moisture Movement Technology working!!

Before my flight to NYC I was already sure that I would buy a pair of breeches from RJ Classics. I spent months drooling over their breeches but I wasn't sure of which color I would pick because their website had too many options! However, when I visited Manhattan Saddlery they only had them in navy, black and dove gray which was a but disappointing but I still brought these with me.

These Gulf Knee Patch breeches are already on my list of "the most flattering breeches on Earth" and they are C-O-M-F-Y!!!
During this year I've realised that, in most cases, there is really a difference between "cheap" and "expensive" breeches regarding comfort. RJ breeches are not the cheapest but they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own at the moment. I hope I will be able to buy these in other (funnier) colors if I ever visit the US again!!

Before saying goodbye, my belt is from Horse-A-Porter, the socks are from Kingsland and the sneakers from New Balance. I felt I needed these three items to complete my outfit!!

Hope you enjoyed this #ROOTD!
See you on the next post,
Carolina ♡

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

On my way to NYC...

Hi everyone! I'm one day away from traveling to the US - New York to be specific - for the first time and I couldn't be more excited to visit the city that never sleeps! The city has countless attractions but for a horse crazy girl like me, it is obvious that I'm really looking forward to visit at least one tack store. Manhattan Saddlery is definitely on my list as it is near to Flatiron Building but I hope we can rent a car because I would also LOVE to visit one of Dover Saddlery's stores!

At those tack stores, I won't buy anything that I can also find in Europe and although I've spent the last 5 years discovering American brands online, I never bought anything and I don't know which brands are worth my money and which aren't. To solve this problem, I've asked four of my favorite American bloggers what brands or products they would suggest me. I'll share their selection with you on this blog post!

- Andrea from Horse Glam (@horse_glam)

Andrea is gorgeous, stylish and knows how to pose like a supermodel. No one can rock an outfit that includes both breeches and heels like her! And her mare, Chloe, has got to be the cutest mare on Earth!!

 She is a big fan of Le Fash, an American brand that was born in New York, and I may or may not be drooling over the belt Andrea is wearing on the photo above!

Love this show shirt from Le Fash!!!

- Melina from @mpmsporthorses

When I started following Melina's account I instantly knew she was an "easy to love" person. She has the sweetest voice and her long captions about her journey with her horse Caraszini or just about life in general truly inspire me!

Her suggestion matches her sweet personality: A to Z Blonde Bits of Health horse cookies.

- Taylor from The East Coast Equestrian (@theecequestrian)

Donny is one of Taylor's horses and I discovered her account when many of my friends (not one, not two, many of them) started sending me posts from her account asking if that horse wasn't Gali! πŸ˜‚ Donny and Gali are very different but I have to admit there was one particular photo that made me stop - I honestly thought to myself "who took this photo of Gali?!".
I also love the fact that she shares so many details of her comeback to the sport with us!

I miss him every day. Our path may not have been the easiest one, but I’m proud of sticking it out until my injury prevented me from riding. I think when I couldn’t ride anymore, he fell out of my program and gentle riding methods until I moved him. Some days he would come out great and others he just didn’t want to be told what to do. It was my trainers idea to give him a vacation and let him just be a horse with the hopes he would unwind/relax and come back with his A game. I know it’s what’s best for him, and while it makes me sad not being able to drive over to the barn for a slightly aggressive neck hug or silly treat begging faces, I’m happy knowing he’s truly living the horsey dream. I don’t view his vacation as a setback, but rather a step in the right direction. I’m lucky to be in a program that truly puts the horses first. See you in a few months, D. ♥️
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Here's Taylor's list of American brands I should know: Tailored Sportsman (the first American brand I found online), Γ‰ce Equestrian and Charles Ancona.

Ice Fil Shirt by Tailored Sportsman

Show Jacket by Γ‰ce Equestrian

- Bethany from My Equestrian Style (@myequestrianstyle)

Ahhh, Bethany is such a gorgeous girl and her outfits always look flawless! Although she has an equestrian fashion blog and wears some very stylish pieces, her outfits remain very practical and functional - that is why I love her work so much. Oh, and her photos are always perfect!!!

Reading Bethany's blog gave me an idea of which brands I would like to buy something from - RJ Classics (breeches) is the perfect example of that!! But she gave me some other suggestions: Riding Sport which is Dover's brand, Mane Jane and Maelort & Co..

It was so fun to chat with these girls (well, ladies, because they are older than I am! LOL). I'm the biggest fan of their accounts! 
Now I have to say bye, the plane to Madrid is waiting!!!
See you on the next post,
Carolina ❤️

Friday, August 10, 2018

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Horse

Hi everyone! Buying your first horse is a really exciting time for you and your family but it’s important not to get carried away and end up buying on impulse, only to regret it a few months down the line. A horse is a costly investment and it’s not just the initial expense of buying it that you need to take into account. 
Buying the wrong horse can be incredibly costly, not only financially but in terms of your own confidence when it comes to handling animals and your riding skills. If you don’t choose carefully your first horse could end up being your last -  it took me and my family a few months before we actually decided to buy my first horse, Gali, because we needed to be sure that we could provide him everything he needs and that he was the right one! :)

Since I believe this is a very important topic, I got some advice from an interview with Russel of Horseseller in Australia. They recently relaunched their site and I love it. I suggest you check out the huge list of horses for sale on They also have some good sections for equestrian gear too.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview with Russell and hope you enjoy. Without further delay, here are some of the key mistakes to avoid when buying your first horse: 
1. Buying a horse that is not trained because it’s cheaper
This is a common mistake among novice riders and those new to horse ownership. They go for an untrained horse because of the lower price, thinking it will be easy to train the horse further down the line. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. 
Employing an expert trainer will end up costing more in the long run anyway and there is no guarantee the horse will become reliable. Training it yourself could become dangerous if you are not equipped for the role. Also, training could take months meaning you can’t ride or enjoy your horse straight away.
Always go for a trained horse which you can start riding straight away – that way you can build up your riding experience and your bond with your animal, from the start, making riding and horse ownership an enjoyable experience from the very beginning. 
Here are some further tips you may find useful:

2. Only looking at young horses
Many beginners think they need to go for a young horse because it will live longer and be of more value to them throughout their riding life. However, generally older horses are far easier for new riders to handle. 
Older horses are much easier for beginners to ride and are a lot easier to train – they can also live a long and healthy life so it’s important not to overlook an older animal as a first horse. Starting out with a steady, reliable horse will help to boost your confidence as a new rider.

3. Buying new horses for children
If you are buying a first horse for a child or teenager then it’s even more important to look at an older, steady, trained horse rather than one that is young and inexperienced. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need a young horse to last longer, however it can be unsafe. 
Mixing an inexperienced young horse with an inexperienced young rider can be a potentially lethal combination. It is far better to go for an older steady horse who will know how to cope with younger riders and how to keep them safe for you.

4. Going to a horse auction
As someone new to horse ownership, going to a horse auction is not the best place to find your first horse. There are many tricks which can be undertaken to make a horse seem good on auction day and it will take an expert eye to spot the good from the bad. If you are buying a first horse, unless you are going with a complete horse expert, avoid the horse auctions as it could end up being a very costly mistake. 

5. Buying the first horse you see
When buying a horse it’s important to take your time, shop around and never buy on impulse. Don’t buy the first horse you see – you need to make comparisons until you are completely sure you have found the right horse for you. 
It’s important to spend time with any horse you are interested in, handle it and ride it – never buy a horse that looks great on paper but that you haven’t seen. Take your time to make sure you end up with a horse that is everything you were looking for rather than a costly error.

6. Not spending time with the horse first
Just as you should never buy a car without test driving it, you should never buy a horse without handling it and riding it first. Make sure the horse seems friendly and confident when you approach it and do all of the activities you would expect to be doing, like tacking up, catching him in the field, grooming him, so you can assess how he reacts to everything. 

There are many common mistakes which people make when buying a first horse but hopefully after reading this quick guide, you can avoid them for yourself and take your time to make sure the first horse you buy is a great addition to your family and gives you many pleasurable riding days in the future!!

See you on the next post,
Carolina ♡

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ego7 Orion Boots Review

Hi, there!! πŸ˜‹ As a promise is a promise, I'm here to finally share my thoughts on my Ego7 tall boots. I used my previous boots for longer than 6 years before making the decision of buying these at Salon du Cheval last December. After about 7 months, I am ready to share my thoughts.

I didn't want to buy made to measure boots but I wanted a pair that would fit my leg almost perfectly. I was looking for comfort but I knew I didn't want those weird boots that make your ankle look way bigger than it is. These are called Ego7 Orion and they ended up being the only pair I tried! I loved their shape and, although I hadn't heard much about the brand before, I was almost 100% I would be impressed by their quality.

First and foremost, when I tried them the lady working at the booth measured my legs and then gave me a pair to try. I can't describe that moment very well but I honestly thought there was no way those boots would fit. I almost couldn't zip them and, when I finally did it, it felt like they were a tourniquet cutting off my blood supply - I'm not joking! πŸ˜‚ I then tried different sizes but the lady kept telling me that the right size was that first one. The truth is that I tried them again, she rubbed the leather and they, unexpectedly, seemed to fit way better! I ended up buying that pair.

The first few times I wore them felt weird. The leather of my old boots was already too thin so, with the new boots, I felt a bit disconnected because the leather was brand new. However, I quickly forgot the feeling of wearing the old boots and got used to the great quality of new. I even thought that I could wear these only at shows and keep using the old pair at home but the old pair feels terrible!!!

I love every single part of these boots from the small leather protections to the velvet boot trees but the "spur holders" - I honestly don't know what to call them - must be the best feature ever! My spurs are always on the right place.

After 7 months, they look almost brand new and they only show signs of wear on the leather between the "spur holders" and on the sole because my stirrups have studs.

To conclude, the Orion boots are a bit hard to break in but now they feel like slippers and I believe their price, at least here in Europe, is really fair! Therefore, if you are looking for a new pair of tall boots, I strongly advise you to give Ego7 a try!!

I hope this review was helpful!
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™

Friday, July 20, 2018

Gali's Summer Picks

Hi everyone!! Today I've had a little chat with Gali and he told me he would like to share with his fellow friends - and their humans - some of his top picks for the Summer. This is our favorite season (obviously!!) but we can only enjoy it to the fullest if we prevent certain issues! Therefore, from hooves to the digestive system, Gali's suggestions have got you covered!!

1. Alfa-Beet by Dengie

I know have talked countless times about Gali's colic but it was an impaction colic and, for two weeks, we didn't know if he would make it. After that scary episode, Alfa-Beet has become an important part of Gali's diet. He enjoys the taste of the alfalfa and sugar beet that are dissolved in the water so he drinks (eats) an entire bucket of Alfa-Beet and wheat bran without any effort and drinks the sufficient amount of water to stay healthy. I didn't even know this product before but we've been using it since last Summer and we can tell you that this is definitely a must have!

2. Extra Strength Insect Repellent by Carr&Day&Martin

A few weeks ago I was going to buy a different insect repellent but the tack store owner convinced me to give this one a try. It was the best decision ever!! Not only does it work but it also has the most amazing smell! When I read "extra strength" I could only think of that awful smell some repellents have but I was wrong. This one smells like men's perfume!!! I am aware that smell is completely unnatural to a horse but, if I'm using chemicals on him, I prefer using a product that smells great. However, I would very much prefer to use a 100% natural repellent but they didn't have it at the store.

At the tack store, they only had these shampoos from Carr&Day&Martin's color enhancing line and a couple of other options from some random brands I've never heard of. I'm sure those options would be good too but I'm very careful with the products I use on Gali so, of course, I ended up getting this one. I've decided to include it on this list because it smells divine and surely enhances Gali's color but I'm sure it won't last as long as the previous shampoo I bought - same quantity and it lasted almost 2 years!!!!

4. Moisturising Hoof Balm by Horse Remedy

You can see by its package that I've used this hoof balm countless times. It was given to me a long time ago by Horse Remedy's founder but we still use it (although I need to buy a new one!).
Gali has the weirdest hooves during the Summer. On the inside they're too soft and on the outside they're too dry so I usually apply two different products on them. This hoof balm is the one that has given us the best results so far - I can't recommend it enough!!

What are your Summer essentials?
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™

Thursday, July 5, 2018

GPA Global Concept

Hey everyone!! Are you familiar with GPA's new "Global Concept"? A few days ago I was talking with a friend about the famous "equestrian tan lines" and I told her that I have one of my helmet straps "stamped" on the right side of my face and she told me that I should see the new GPA helmets without the side straps. I had already seen photos of these new helmets but until I did a little research and read about the technology involved, I couldn't understand how they could remove the strap without compromising safety! If you have the same doubts, this blog post is for you! πŸ˜„

Photo credits: Marie Sapin

First of all, this helmet was inspired by the “survival cell” technology that is used in Formula 1 to protect the pilot. This means that the helmet features an ultra rigid but light shell that absorbs the energy of the impact. This is possible because the Global-Concept helmet incorporates multiple layers that include carbon, Kevlar and aramid honeycomb – these materials are used in Formula 1 cars and space stations so I would say that we can definitely feel protected!

Then there is the feature that catches everyone’s eye, the new back retention system without the side straps. This system, among other improvements, contains a rigid chinstrap (“rigid jugular”) which made the traditional side straps completely unnecessary! The new design improves the helmet’s stability on the head while giving our cervical vertebrae extra protection.

But there's another surprise...the visors are removable which means that we can change the style of our helmets without having to buy a new one!!! How cool is this?!

It's hard to give you more details as I have only seen these on the Internet but I'm very curious to try them. Fingers crossed I can find one in a near future...although I don't think that will happen because according to GPA's website they will only be sold by appointment! But don't worry, if I find one I'll let you know!!!

Have you tried them? What's your opinion?
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™

Saturday, June 30, 2018

PegaseBuzz App

Hi everyone!! I'm sooo happy to tell you that I'm back after almost an entire month of college exams! Before going to the barn to ride my sweet Gali, I want to sit down and write a blog post. I missed doing it so much during these past weeks that I can't wait any longer, specially because I've wanted to introduce you this app for a while now!

A few months ago, just after I met her in Paris, I discovered that Roxanne from PegaseBuzz - one of the first equestrian blogs I started reading - was launching an extension of her blog, an app for equestrians. Of course I downloaded it! It was a big surprise and a relief that I didn't have to worry with it being written in French as there is an English version as well!

From the taylor-made feed (when you create an account, the app immediately asks you what are your interests) to the job offers section, I feel it has been one of the places I visit the most when I want to know what is going on. In fact, my absolute favorite feature is precisely the job offers section, I always enjoy reading the new offers because although I'm not looking for a job at the moment, it obviously makes me dream about my future job.

Launching an app is such a big thing but making it look this good must be even harder. Big congratulations, Roxanne!!! 
The PegaseBuzz app is free and you can download it on both App Store and Google Play.

See you on the next post!
Carolina πŸ’—

Monday, May 28, 2018

[ROOTD] Kingsland Day

Hey, everyone! As you might have already seen on my new video, Kingsland Equestrian has sent me some products to review and I can't tell you how thankful I am for this! For those of you who have been following this blog since its beginning, I am sure you know that I am a big fan of this brand, not only because many of their clothes are blue (my favorite color) but also because they have always been able to combine the classic equestrian style with technology in their collections.

Starting off by the vest, I must admit that I really needed a new one and this Vidalia Body Warmer couldn't be any better. First, I really like the two elastic panels on the sides, they make this vest super  flattering and allow a total freedom of movements. I think its collar is absolutely stunning as it reminds me of show shirts and, besides that, its (very light) weight and the metal patch with the KL logo are big game changers to me.

One thing that you probably don't know about me is that I'm always complaining that it's cold outside and that is why I always take a light jacket to the barn. As curious as it might seem, I don't own that Kingsland nailed it by choosing something I consider essential - and made me feel they know me!! 😍

Speaking of essential, this jacket should be elected as the "everyday essential every rider needs" , not only because it is the softest and stretchiest fleece jacket EVER but also because of the fit. If you see the photo below, you will understand what I mean! Modesty aside, I love the silhouette it gives me! 
I adore its colors, beige and grey are such an unlikely combination but they made it work. Another thing I must refer is that the grey panels are actually mesh panels. Yesterday Gali was particularly stubborn, he really made me sweat but thankfully I could feel some fresh air inside the jacket!

Regarding the Karina Compression Tights I don't know where I should begin, perhaps by saying that this product was the biggest surprise and that it made me change my opinion about riding tights/"pull on breeches" - or at least partly. 
There is nothing on Earth that will make me love these more than I love a good pair of breeches (aka my "Princess Breeches" that I just bought)! This is mainly because I think breeches are something that really sets us apart from other sports but also because most of the times I wear polos and I don't think they would look perfect together. However, like I said on my video, on a day where I just want to wear something comfortable, I will definitely take these to the barn: the reality is that they win in terms of comfort (and their back pocket is so useful, at least Gali thought it was, I put some of his treats there! πŸ˜‚).

Now the thing that amazed me the most was the full grip. As I compete in the jumpers, I never bought full seat breeches but after riding in these yesterday, I can't stop thinking of how helpful that extra grip was, I felt even more connected to Gali - is this possible or am I just imagining things?!

And it's finally time to talk about Gali's new saddle pad, ahhh, the magical world of Kingsland saddle pads!! Although I am that type of rider who owns one horse and 20 saddle pads, I didn't have any from Kingsland (mainly because every time I was going to buy one, someone would say that I didn't need more). Now that I have one, I only regret that I didn't get it earlier! I knew their quality was good but yesterday I really got so see how effective the Coolmax lining is...Gali was soaked and the saddle pad was dry! In fact, I didn't even think there would be anything different regarding sweat but then, after taking it off I couldn't stop thinking how that was even possible...
Also, the crown with the pearls matches my "Princess Breeches" and the color matches my Freejump stirrups, that's why I love it so, so, so much!!! 😍

Hope you enjoyed this review!!
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hoof Nail Polish by Hoofbrite

Hey everyone! Today has been a long day of studying for finals but I'm so happy to take a break to show you one of the funniest things I've ever received!! I'm talking about "Hoof Nail Polish" and it was very gently offered to me by Hoofbrite, a Swedish online shop that is 100% focused on...hooves! 
If you look to the photo above, you might recognise the name on the box...Cemtec is really well known for their horseshoes and I have seen a few farriers using them so it was a nice surprise to discover that Hoofbrite is related to them. In fact, on the cans you can actually read "powered by Cemtec".

As I am being completely honest with you, at the beginning I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to use polish on Gali, after all he's my sweet horse and his health is a priority. Before accepting to review these, I made sure the ingredients were safe and that they wouldn't harm Gali's hooves - I even asked Hoofbrite if the product was safe... πŸ˜‚ but they totally understood me and took the time to explain  that the product is "water based with added keratin" - love when a brand really cares about my concerns!

Moving on to my personal experience...first of all, I must admit that my painting skills aren't great but I really tried my best!!
Regarding the polishes, my favorite color was navy (obviously!!!). The darker colors only needed one coat and the lighter ones asked for a second one - they didn't look very translucent but I was looking for a more opaque finish.
The polish dried quickly which was great because I used more than one color on each hoof and, even better than that, they didn't get sticky!
As for the amount of product you get on each bottle, on Hoofbrite's website they claim that we can paint up to 16 hooves with one can but I think mine will last longer than that - I'll tell you once I've finished them.

One of the funniest things was that everyone at the barn stoped to see what we were doing, we had so much fun and laughed so hard, see that green hoof? A groom asked me if he could paint one of Gali's hooves and I swear he took that job so seriously that we even had to film the moment to share with everyone! πŸ˜„
After painting the hooves, we took Gali to the indoor to see if the polish would stay in place or if it would naturally disappear. It vanished a bit on the parts of the hoof that were permanently in contact with sand but you could still tell they were painted.
I was told that I could leave the product on but that I could also remove it with hot water, soap and a brush...I only needed cold water and a few seconds of scrubbing, much easier than what I expected!

This experience was super fun and I'll definitely use these again in the future, probably to celebrate special occasions or when Gali asks me to get his hooves done again! #spoiledpony πŸ˜‹

What do you think guys?!
See you on the next post,
Carolina πŸ’™